Jan Haase

Conference Coordination Subcommittee (CoCSC)

The current team

Peter Nagy (Hungary)
Adel Alimi (Tunisia)
Past Chair
Tomislav Capuder
Shaun Kaplan
(South Africa)

The objective of Conference Coordination Subcommittee (CoCSC) is to facilitate effective and timely conference planning and execution in the Region.
For more information – refer to the Region 8 Governing Documents.
See linkage diagram (CoCSC – the wider IEEE: R8_TA_relations_higher_committees_v1)


Upcoming R8 Flagship Conferences

  • EUROCON 2017, 6-8 July 2017, Ohrid, Macedonia
  • AFRICON 2017, 18-20 September, 2017, Cape Town, South Africa
  • ENERGYCON 2018, 3-7 June, 2018, Limassol, Cyprus
  • MELECON 2018, 7-9 May, 2018, Morocco
  • EUROCON 2019, July 2019, Novi Sad, Serbia
  • ENERGYCON 2020, Tunis – Gammarth, Tunisia

Looking for IEEE Organizational Unit(s) Candidates
to Organize Future R8 Flagship Conferences

  • AFRICON 2019
  • MELECON 2020

Next Free Webinar

MCE Conference Education is hosting a webinar titled Running Industry Practitioner Focused Events, presented in Spanish by Gerardo Barbosa, Region 9 Chair of Technical Activities.

Topic: Conference Contracting Overview
An overview of the conference contracting process.
* Learn about how IEEE MCE subject matter experts can assist you
* Review of the IEEE contract review process
* How to leverage the IEEE volume of spend to achieve potential savings
Presenter: Gerardo Barbosa, Presidente del Comité de Actividades Técnicas de IEEE Región 9 – Latinoamérica

Date:  Wednesday 31 January 2018
Time:  11:00 AM – 12:00 PM OR 3:00 – 4:00 PM  [Eastern Standard Time (New York, GMT-05:00)]
Register – 11:00 AM
Register – 3:00 PM

Financial Sponsorship or Technical Co-Sponsorship

Following documents are available for conference organizers asking Region 8 for Financial Sponsorship or Technical Co-Sponsorship:

Region 8 Technical Co-Sponsorship

Conference organizers can request the Technical co-Sponsorship (TCS) of the IEEE Region 8 in order to submit the conference proceedings to IEEE Xplore for publication.
The TCS indicates direct and substantial involvement of the IEEE Region 8 in the technical program of the conference.

To request the TCS of the IEEE Region 8, please fill in the conference application form:

The request / MOU could be approved or declined according to the conference details submitted using the form above.

To approve your TCS request, it is important and necessary to keep the following technical quality conditions:

  1. Plagiarism check of all submitted papers (first and final versions) using crosscheck.ieee.org
  2. At the minimum, one IEEE Region 8 section and one IEEE Society or one IEEE Local Chapter in the conference topic is involved in the conference program as technical co-sponsor. It is important to explain in the conference form how these units are involved in the program of the conference.
  3. At the minimum, one technical program co-chair is a known IEEE society member (according to his/her expertise with IEEE papers publications) who have access to all reviews, participate in the papers acceptance process, and participate in developing the conference program.
  4. At least 2 current or previous IEEE Region 8 committee members are involved in the review process.
  5. Registration fees must include reduced fees for IEEE members: a minimum of 10%.

Important Notes:

  1. The dates should not conflict with other IEEE Region 8 conferences in related field.
  2. The quality report and the conference proceedings should be submitted within 30 days to the conference coordinator in Region 8.
  3. The conference organizers should offer free registration fees for at least two IEEE student members. These two students could help in the local arrangement issues.
  4. An IEEE booth should be organized in the conference venue.
  5. The IEEE Region 8 may cancel the approved MOU at any time if the technical quality issues are not considered.
  6. The IEEE Region 8 is committed to approve or decline the TCS request within one month.
  7. IEEE Region 8 will receive 500 $ for their support if there is no financial involvement of any IEEE entity (not necessarily IEEE Region 8). An invoice will be sent after the MoU has been approved.

Webinars, reports

Last Free Webinar

Topic: IEEE Conference Sponsorship Overview
 IEEE conference success can be enhanced by effective cooperation with other organizations, both IEEE and Non-IEEE. Learn about IEEE Conference Sponsorship, including types, strategies and best practices. Also, see how MCE can best support you throughout the process.
Presenter: John Tracy, Program Manager Volunteer Education

Date:  Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Previous webinars:

15.06.2017 Organizando Eventos Dirigidos a Profesionistas Trabajando en la Industria
27.04.2017 CrossCheck plagiarism screening tool
15.03.2017 The role of the conference treasurer
24.02.2017 Expanding your team with local resources
18.01.2017 Working with Organizations that Benefit Your Conference
01.12.2016 10 Simple Ways to Innovate Your Next Conference
09.03.2016 conference finances
14.10.2015 conference organization basics
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04.12.2013 conference finances
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POCO report

POCO2016 Post Event Summary

28-30 July 2016  (PDF, 1.2 MB)

The IEEE Panel of Conference Organizers (POCO) is the annual event for leading scholarly conference organizers around the world. IEEE organizes this event to share resources and ideas with all scientific associations and non-profit conference organizers. POCO convenes thought leaders and decision makers to address conference leadership practices, discuss challenges in the conference landscape, envision the future, and launch new conference initiatives.

Region 8 Meeting Interactive Sessions (28 March 2015)

Committee in details

CoCSC Functions

  1. Encourage Region 8 Committees and Sections to develop conferences to meet the specialized interests of their members. Use the accumulated experience of the Region to help ensure early success of such ventures.
  2. Act as the focal point for information about IEEE conferences being scheduled in Region 8.
  3. Periodically review the effectiveness of all conferences sponsored or co-sponsored by Region 8. Recommend improvements as appropriate to the conference leadership, hosting section and associated activities. Suggest new conferences where a need is recognized and suggest termination of conferences no longer needed or posing undue financial liability.
  4. Assist with conference related questions.
  5. Assist in creating the content for Region 8 conferences web pages.
  6. Maintain an awareness of the availability of professional conference management services and suggest the use of such services where appropriate. Give assistance in the negotiation of contracts for service. Review all such contracts where Region 8 might have financial liability and make recommendations to the Region 8 Operating Committee regarding approval of such contracts.
  7. Solicit invitations from Sections in Region 8 to host the flagship R8 conferences in accordance with Region 8 and IEEE Bylaws.
  8. Develop & maintain general guidelines for IEEE Region 8 sponsored conferences to ensure a high quality of the related conferences end products and services, and revise as appropriate.
  9. Make all conference leaders aware of potential schedule conflicts between conferences without undue concern where geography or different technical interests limit the impact of schedule proximity.
  10. Manage the budget of the Conference Committee if R8 is financially liable.
  11. Maintain historical records, and obtain, develop and keep current documentation on Region 8 conferences.
  12. Submit pertinent and timely conference information to the Region 8 Newsletter Editor.
  13. Represent the Region at IEEE Conference workshops and meetings.
  14. Coordinate area and/or region wide conferences offering dates and locations of conferences to avoid overlaps.
  15. Consolidate a list of all technical society conferences with associated information that are coming into Region 8.
  16. Distribute information on Region venues to technical societies.
  17. Cooperate with Region 8 Membership Development Committee and Industry Relation Subcommittee (IRSC).

Region 8 Co-Sponsored Conferences

Go to the IEEE R8 Calendar to have a full list of IEEE conferences in Region 8.

Former CoCSC teams:

2015/2016: Adel Alimi (Tunisia, chair), Jan Haase (Germany, past chair, Peter Nagy (Hungary)
2013/2014: Jan Haase (Austria, chair), Dirk van Hertem (Benelux), Stefano Zanero (Italy)
2011/2012: Carl Debono (Malta, chair), Karl Gudmundsson (Iceland), Jan Haase (Austria)
2009/2010: Marian Kazmierkovski (Poland, chair), Gerhard Hancke (South Africa), Gerard-André Capolino (France), Baldomir Zajc (Slovenia)
2007/2008: Francisco Sandoval (Spain, chair), Gerhard Hancke (South Africa), Marian Kazmierkovski (Poland), Gerard-André Capolino (France), Peter Farkas (Czechoslovakia, past chair)
2005/2006: Peter Farkas (Czechoslovakia, chair)
2003/2004: Magdalena Salazar Palma (Spain, chair)
2001/2002: Tariq Durrani (UKRI, chair)
1999/2000: Baldomir Zajc (Slovenia, chair)

R8 Flagship Conference Archives

Previous Region 8 Conferences (Proceedings or Conference websites)






SIBIRCON (series discontinued)

Frequently asked questions and guidelines / templates

1. Communication / call for papers to members – Region 8
Several Region 8 conference organizers continue to extend conference/workshop calls/invitations to our members in Region 8.
While the activities are noted in a positive spirit, our members are somewhat crowded by the stack that gets lined-up via IEEE’s e-Notice system. We are therefore proposing that those conferences, who have a signed Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with IEEE Region 8 can send brief information to the Conference Coordination Subcommittee (CoCSC) Chair, who will create a single, but brief message (once a month), and send this out as a “monthly” digest to our members in Region 8.
The digest could be part of the Region 8 Gazette, which will be sent once a month. Additionally, conferences with formal association with Region 8, could benefit from a special issue of the Gazette, which could be sent every 2 weeks.

2. Training material
IEEE Members or Volunteers interested in setting up an IEEE conference in partnership with one or more technical IEEE organizational units (OUs) in Region 8, please refer to the training material:

3. Guidelines and Procedures for Bidding to host IEEE Region 8 Flagship Conferences

4. IEEE Region 8 Conference guidelines and rules (“conference organizer’s handbook”)