R8 PA Events

Workshops in South Africa

Han van Loon ran two STARS Thought Leadership workshops in South Africa, one at Witwatersrand University in Johannesburg and one at the University of Cape Town, in September 2014. IEEE student participants also came from University of Pretoria and Stellenbosch University student branches, respectively. There were also participants from IEEE South Africa young professionals. The workshops were highly successful according to participants, who appreciated the chance to practice the leadership and management principles in the workshop through a series of practical and fun exercises.


The local student branch organizers in Cape Town and Stellenbosch plan to rerun parts of the workshop within their student branch meetings so that people who could not attend will still get a benefit from the workshops. In order to help, Han provided extra copies of the STARS booklet that they can hand out at their presentations.

Special thanks go to the South African organizers: Valerie Chiriseri for organizing the entire event, and local organizers David Oyedokun in Cape Town and Vinu Nair in Johannesburg.

More info and photos on Han’s website.

Webinar on organising activities

The Professional Activities Subcommittee organised a webinar on October 1st 2014 about organising local events and activities. Using the IEEE Google Hangouts system, all participants were able to see and be seen and heard.

Habib Kammon presented a number of helpful tips and gave examples of recent activities in Tunisia. The subsequent discussion was on attracting speakers and experience on student presentations.

Please find the presentations below.

Introduction to Professional Activities by Urmet Jänes
Tips and Tricks for PA Activities by Habib Kammoun

Tunisia PA Workshop

On 20-22 March 2014, the IEEE Sfax subsection organized a Professional Activities workshop, in collaboration with REGIM-Lab at University of Sfax, N-Training Center, and Association of Sustainable Innovation in Tunisia.

During the opening session, Habib M. Kammoun presented IEEE and the benefits of Professional Activities, especially for students and young professionals.

The workshop was mainly conducted by Nadhem Bardaa (Director of the N-Training center) during 3 days. He began the workshop with his talk “I love my work”. Forty participants enjoyed it and discussed the point that employees should love their work in order to succeed their professional careers.

To learn from their experiences, two IEEE senior members participated as advisors for the young professional participants and animated some brainstorming sessions.

Based on their motivations and a knowledge test, twenty participants were selected to continue the second day which consists on how succeed presentations, body language, and communication skills. This day aims to provide participants hands-on knowledge on techniques for planning, preparation, and sequencing skills to make good oral presentations. At the end of the second day, participants were requested to prepare two minutes presentations using only one A1 paper. They were requested to present a problem in their workspace and propose a solution.

For the third day, only twelve participants succeed to continue the third day after selecting the best presentations of the second day. The last day was the hardest day. It was an opportunity for participants to improve their skills as trainers. They learn how to design a training session, how to present information, how evaluate presentations, and how they can improve their individual and collective behaviours in the company and outside it. At the end of the day, each participant presents a training lesson during 8 minutes using only two A1 papers. The best five participants who achieved the whole workshop received the trainer certificate from the N-Training center.

See below for pictures.


Portugal Student Branch Leadership Camp

Portugal Section Student Branches held a Leadership Camp on February 14-16, 2014, organised by IEEE-IST SB.

On the 14 of February the participants had a group of activities to make them bond and know each other a little better for those activities and some other tasks, on the next days, where they would have to work in teams. The day ended with 2 presentations, one with a speaker from the Portugal Section and other from a YP member talking about STEP.

The main tasks were:

A – Make sure everybody had wake up and ate breakfast in time for the activities of Saturday.

B – Make sure everybody had wake up and ate breakfast in time for the activities of Sunday.

C – Prepare the dinner Saturday.

D – Prepare the lunch Sunday.

The 15 of February was the day with most workshops where the speakers where students from different student branches (speakers) who would share their knowledge through these workshops, from technical matters of a student branch to more generic ones as basic life support and public speaking.

The last day had some presentations about SB/Section interaction and some tips on how to manage a SB with the survival kit. After lunch a feedback session occurred where the pros/cons of the event were seen and to check what could be improved on the next Leadership Camp.

Workshops in 2013

There were six Professional Activities workshops in 2013:

By Prof. Kurt Richter:

  • two in Dubai, UAE
  • EUROCON in Zagreb, Croatia
  • Sarajevo, Bosnia
  • Linz, Austria
  • TELFOR in Belgrade, Serbia

At NIGERCON 2013, Prof. Ezendu Ariwa and Prof. Ndubuisi Ekekwe conducted a Professional Activites workshop.

PASC is organizing a PA track within the SBC 2012

PASC is organizing a PA track within the SBC 2012

Professional Activities workshops are designed to prepare you for your workplace and improve your views for future career enhancements. Professional Activities track is giving you opportunity to develop your project management and leadership skills.

Discover your potential through selected professional interactive workshops:

  • Margaretha Eriksson: Effective Communication and From Idea to Product
  • Han van Loon: STARS Thought Leader workshop
  • Byron Soulopoulos: Take back control of your own future

Turn a new and enthusiastic volunteer in YOUR section into:

  • an active volunteer
  • a Professional Activities Representative
  • a knowledge resource for organising PA workshops in YOUR section
  • a potential trainer in the areas of Professional Activities
  • a volunteer acting as a bridge between Educational Activities, Professional Activities, GOLD and WIE

By attending the Professional Activities track at the SBC 2012 the volunteer will learn:

  • What are Professional Activities?
  • How to organise PA Workshops?
  • How to become a section/region-level PA trainer?

By attending the Professional Activities track the volunteer will:

  • Experience fully how a PA workshop can be organised
  • Get to have in-depth knowledge about one of the workshop topics given below
  • Be given guidance how this knowledge can be transferred back to their section

Professional Activities

Professional Activities Sub-Committee (PASC) is part of IEEE R8 Member Activities. The PASC team is aiming to increase the understanding and acceptance of Professional Activities (PA in short) within Region 8 by providing support and expertise to sections, chapters, societies and student branches within the region.


Professional Activities focus on maintaining and enhancing lifelong employability and career maintenance, while providing advice to and collaboration with public bodies, corporations, NGOs and non-profits to benefit the members, their fields of practice, and the general public, while continuing to promote ethical conduct.

(source IEEE)


The PASC team has set three main goals set at the begging of the year:

  • Increase the understanding and the extent of Professional Activities within Region 8
  • Establish a program of Professional Activities for Region 8
  • Professional Activities should provide a place for interdisciplinary collaboration and networking



  1. Publicize the Professional Activities by written material and different electronic media
  2. Coordinate Professional Activities in sections through local Professional Activities leaders
  3. Providing support and expertise to sections, chapters, societies and student branches within the region (e.g. Professional Activities materials)
  4. Establish active contacts with other committees within IEEE and other institutions.
  5. Organization of annual Professional Activities Summit.

Abuja, Nigeria

Report on 3rd IEEE International Conference on Adaptive Science & Technology (ICAST’11); held on the 24 – 26 November 2011, Abuja, NIGERIA, West Africa



Ezendu Ariwa

Chair, IEEE Consumer Electronics Chapter, UK&RI, Chair, IEEE Broadcast Technology Chapter, UK&RI

Visiting Professor, Gulf University Bahrain, Visiting Professor, University of Lagos, Nigeria

Co-ordinator Digital Enterprise Research Group, London Metropolitan Business School

London Metropolitan University, UK

The ICAS 2011 conference held in Abuja, Nigeria organised and hosted by the IEEE Nigeria Section was well attended by professionals from academic, industry and business sectors as well as international the Diaspora.   In addition, some top government executives including those who held important ministerial and political positions also attended.


Amman, Jordan

Jordan GOLD and Jordan Joint CIS11/C16 Chapter with the help of R8 PASC team co-organised a professional activities summit on 12 and 13, November, 2011 at King Abdullah II School for Information Technology at the University of Jordan in Amman, Jordan.

The IEEE professional activities summit was organized to develop an awareness of professional issues, and enhance non-technical professional skills. This includes, but not limited to: soft skills trainings, psychological and sociological issues within the business world, job searching, telecommunication management, project management, design management, engineering management, and economics-related topics.

Photos for the PA Summit 2011 – Jordan: