7 Steps to a Successful Event

Step 1:  Prepare an activity proposal including objective, date options, location, organizing committee, and potential speakers. Invite your section PA speaker to be one of the potential speakers.



PA leaders in Sections:

Our success is shared with active volunteers in Sections!

PASC team is asking Sections in Region 8 that do not have yet a PA volunteer to appoint a person and report the name to PASC team.

Section can greatly help the PASC team in common efforts by:

1. Appointing a Professional Activity volunteer in case not yet present.

2. Reporting on Professional Activities in your Section.

3. Contacting R8 PASC for organizing events in your Section.

4. Propose volunteer presenters with Section’s references.


Various IEEE Programs:

Some more useful links[External]:

Note: IEEE R8 PA doesn’t endorse or intend to promote any of organizations/individuals mentioned below. These links are provided with support intention only.

Toastmaster is an non profit organization which helps its members to improve communication skills, leadership etc. You can find different clubs around all over the world and join them to improve yours. Have a look at following links from Toastmaster which may be very useful:

Following are some of excellent courses from Harvard-MIT initiative edX, they not only provide excellent material but also are monitored by top class faculties:

Here is some Youtube links which has excellent videos on Professional skills, from some excellent speakers:

Coursera is one of leading websites in online course, here are few of them which may interest some people:

Udacity mainly offers technical courses, but there is also a non-technical section. An example is below.

OpenupEd is a collection of European online courses from 11 countries. The topics range from history to psychology.

FutureLearn provides online courses from many UK institutions, including the British Museum.

NovoEd provides online courses on many business-related topics.

Few extra links:

This list is being regularly updated, check back soon.