TISP Week 2017 – Call for Participation


After the successful TISP Week event in 2016, where more than 750 teachers were trained in 16 IEEE Sections around IEEE Region 8, we are continuing the trend and organizing TISP Week 2017 this year.

Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) is a professional development workshop for school teachers to help them bring exciting hands-on activities to their classroom. More information about the program can be found here:

The TISP week is an ambitious program of Region 8 to conduct teacher training workshops in multiple Sections in the Region within a span of one or two weeks in November-December 2017.
This will showcase the incredible work being done by our education activities volunteers throughout Europe, Middle East and Africa, train teachers to deliver Inquiry Based Science Education sessions and will also help train more volunteers in the local sections. This event will also help our local volunteers deliver a public service through training teachers.

We plan to conduct workshops in as many sections as possible in Region 8 and would like to invite your Section to organize a TISP workshop for school teachers during this TISP week.

The following rules will apply for organizing a workshop as part of the TISP week:

1. A minimum of 30 school teachers will be trained.
2. The event will a minimum of one or a maximum of two days long.
3. The event dates will fall within the TISP week dates.
4. As our funds are limited, we would like to request the local Section to partially fund the organization of the event. IEEE TISP Week 2017 can fund the lesson plan materials for the workshop and would be grateful if the Section can fund the rest of the local costs of venue, etc. The funding amount is up to USD 250 per workshop and it will be reimbursed after submitting the reimbursement form.
5. A member of the local organizing committee will participate in monthly TISP week organizing committee online calls.

We will help your local organizing committee plan an effective agenda for the workshop.

There are lots of information and TISP resources in our website, which I encourage you to visit.

Please let us know if your Section would like to participate in this incredible event. Kindly send your response by 15 September, 2017.

Please email me if you have any questions

Thank you.

Warm Regards,

Dragoumanos Stamatis

Chair, IEEE Pre-University Education Coordinating Committee


TISP Workshop at SYP 2014

The IEEE Region 8 Student and Young Professional Congress took place from August 6th to August 10th in Krakow, Poland. On August 7 a Teacher-in-Service-Program Workshop was organized by Fabio Domingos and Ioannis Mousmoutis, Ad Hoc Members of the IEEE Region 8 Pre-University Works Sub-Committee.
At the beginning of the workshop Pre-University Activities and Teacher-in-Service-Program were presented and their benefits were discussed.


Afterwards, a hands-on workshop was delivered. The participants were divided into groups of 3-4 members and they were asked to build a tennis racquet using simple materials in 45 minutes.
All the teams presented what they build and explained what they discovered about engineering by doing this activity.



After the hands-on activity, a comparison between TISP and TISP 2.0 was made and guidance on how to organize a successful TISP workshop was demonstrated.
The participants seemed very interested and motivated and we expect them to organize TISP workshop in their local areas soon.

IEEE R8 Pre-University Works committee

Pre-University Works (PUW) Committee

Responsibility of Pre-University Works Committee

  • Promoting Pre-University Activities in Region 8
  • Increasing awareness of Pre-University programs to Section Leaders
  • Providing support for Pre-University activities being organized or planned in the Region
  • Coordinate with the global Pre-university Education Coordinating Committee (PECC)



You can get in touch with the PUW team through: or through our facebook page:

The Pre-University Works Committee are:

Sohaib Qamar Sheikh – Chair 


Sohaib Sheikh 2

Sohaib works as an IT and Communications Systems Consultant at Ove Arup and Partners Ltd. where he is part of the team responsible for delivering complex ICT solutions for large-scale infrastructures. He is a telecommunication and networks engineer, and has studied for his degrees and research at National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences, Queen Mary University of London, and City University London.

Sohaib is currently serving as the Pre-University Activites Coordinator for IEEE R8 and the Electronic Communications Coordinator for IEEE R8 Communication Society .


Joyce Mwangama – PUW Coordinator, Africa Region


Joyce Mwangama is currently working towards a PhD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Cape Town, in South Africa. Her current research revolves around the evolution of Next Generation Mobile Networks and Future Internet architectures and technologies. She also works for the Electrical Engineering Department at UCT as a Research and Teaching Assistant. Outside of academics, she has been involved in numerous volunteer and leadership positions within the student body at her university and within the local community. In 2010, she was the Chairperson of the IEEE Student Branch within her university. She is currently the Section Student Activities Chair, and the Chair of the GOLD Affinity Group (Southern Region) within the South Africa Section. She has participated in two previously completed EPICS-in-Engineering Projects. She is also the Pre-University Activities coordinator for the Africa region where she is involved in initiatives to promote engineering and sciences to high school learners.


Muhammad Mustafa – PUW Coordinator


Muhammad Mustafa, a Telecommunications engineer at Saudi Inteltec, Saudi Arabia. He is working in designing and planning for projects under telecommunications fields. At the same time, Muhammad is serving as the Pre-University Sub-Committee member and Pre-University Coordinator for The Middle East and North Africa region.

Muhammad was the Chairman of executive committee at IEEE PSUT Student Branch for two years. During his serving period, he achieved many accomplishments like organizing the First IEEE Middle East Student Branch Congress (ME-SBC), establishing and reactivating IEEE branches in the region, and starting active cooperation with other branches. Muhammad won many IEEE awards like Darrel Chong student activity award, Myron Zucker travel award, in addition of winning the student branch exemplary award during his period of service.


Riadh Besbes – PUW Coordinator



Riadh is currently working as an Inspector at Ministry of education in Tunisia. As an educational expert, he has the missions of training and assessing teachers, and innovating in educational fields. He has a PhD in computerized engineering systems, his research works were on conceiving an intelligent system that evaluates teaching effectiveness. He has study for his research at National University of engineering of Sfax, Tunisia.

Riadh has organized and animated a Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) for professional development workshop under the IEEE Tunisia Section, the IEEE Educational Activities Subcommittee (Region 8) and the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB).