PUW Committee members

PUW Committee 2017

Responsibility of Pre-University Works Committee: 

  • Promoting Pre-University Activities in Region 8
  • Increasing awareness of Pre-University programs to Section Leaders
  • Providing support for Pre-University activities being organized or planned in the Region
  • Coordinate with the global Pre-university Education Coordinating Committee (PECC)

Pre-University Activities Coordinator:

  • Stamatis Dragoumanos (Greece)

Stamatis Dragoumanos is a Software Engineer and Developer with specialization on Human-Computer Interaction in Virtual and Augmented Environments with almost 15 years of experience. He also has a 10 year experience on teaching programming languages on a variety of student ages. He is an inquiry based learning enthusiast and he strongly believes that soft skills development is one of the most important concepts that is missing in today’s Educational System. He is also the Chair of Greece IEEE Section Educational Activities and an IEEE Academic Global Ambassador.

Pre-University Activities team members:

Riadh Besbes (Kuwait) – Corresponding Member

Riadh is currently working as an Inspector at Ministry of education in Tunisia. As an educational expert, he has the missions of training and assessing teachers, and innovating in educational fields. He has a PhD in computerized engineering systems, his research works were on conceiving an intelligent system that evaluates teaching effectiveness. He has study for his research at National University of engineering of Sfax, Tunisia.

Riadh has organized and animated a Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) for professional development workshop under the IEEE Tunisia Section, the IEEE Educational Activities Subcommittee (Region 8) and the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB).

Conrad Attard (Malta)


Before joining the University of Malta’s Dept. of Computer Information Systems at the Faculty of ICT, Dr Attard had a career as director of his own firm providing IT consultancy to various SMEs.

Dr Conrad Attard graduated with a PhD in Engineering, Computer Science Department from Sheffield University in 2016 and obtained his MSc and BSc from University of Malta. In 1999 he started working at Malta International Airport and gathered a lot of experience related to critical IT systems that are adopted by the airline industry.


Dr Conrad Attard is currently Chair of IEEE Malta Section.

Tamer Nassef (Egypt)

Dr. Tamer received his B.Sc.degree from Computer and Software Engineering Department at Misr University for Science and Technology in 2003 and he received his M.Sc. and Ph. D. degrees from the Systems and Bio medical Engineering Department at Cairo University in 2008 and 2011 respectively.

Dr. Tamer apart from IEEE in his personal life is really a sweet person to be meet up with his biography was selected to appear in Marquis Who’s Who in the World in 2014, awarded the Medal of Excellency from the Faculty of Pharmacy, Misr University for Science and Technology in 2010 also. He is currently an active Member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) since 2011 and currently he was selected as a student branch counselor from August 2011, TISP organizing committee, IEEE RAS EGYPT board member, and recently appointed as a Coordinator of Pre-University Activities program @ Egypt Section.