SBC, London, UK

IEEE UKRI Student Branch Congress 2011: – a brief report

By Dr Hazel Sales, workshop speaker, whose presentation title was: Writing matters in the engineering workplace:- what every aspiring engineer should know about writing at work.

This was the first time I had participated in such an event, and the observations I report here will probably reflect this. I had only recently become involved as a committee member of an IEEE society, the Professional Communication Society (PCS), which has been doing a lot of heart-search recently about needing to attract more engineers to PCS and its conferences. Our President, Dr Tom Orr, has been telling us we must work harder to be useful to engineers at work and engineering students. I saw this congress as presenting a good opportunity to learn more about the IEEE (I like to think I know engineers pretty well already), and to wave the PCS flag.

This is an informal report.  A more formally-couched one can be written, if needed.