PASC is organizing a PA track within the SBC 2012

PASC is organizing a PA track within the SBC 2012

Professional Activities workshops are designed to prepare you for your workplace and improve your views for future career enhancements. Professional Activities track is giving you opportunity to develop your project management and leadership skills.

Discover your potential through selected professional interactive workshops:

  • Margaretha Eriksson: Effective Communication and From Idea to Product
  • Han van Loon: STARS Thought Leader workshop
  • Byron Soulopoulos: Take back control of your own future

Turn a new and enthusiastic volunteer in YOUR section into:

  • an active volunteer
  • a Professional Activities Representative
  • a knowledge resource for organising PA workshops in YOUR section
  • a potential trainer in the areas of Professional Activities
  • a volunteer acting as a bridge between Educational Activities, Professional Activities, GOLD and WIE

By attending the Professional Activities track at the SBC 2012 the volunteer will learn:

  • What are Professional Activities?
  • How to organise PA Workshops?
  • How to become a section/region-level PA trainer?

By attending the Professional Activities track the volunteer will:

  • Experience fully how a PA workshop can be organised
  • Get to have in-depth knowledge about one of the workshop topics given below
  • Be given guidance how this knowledge can be transferred back to their section