7 Steps to a Successful Event

Step 1:  Prepare an activity proposal including objective, date options, location, organizing committee, and potential speakers. Invite your section PA speaker to be one of the potential speakers.

Step 2:  Contact Your IEEE Section chair and PA officer to present and discuss the activity’s details you would like to organize, budget, and sources of funding.

Step 3:  Confirm the Speakers Selection and budget.

  • Expense Considerations: Location Rental, Audio/Visual, Speaker Fee, Traveling Expenses, etc., Food, Publicity, Handouts (might be provided by speaker), Miscellaneous Items (nametags, pens, pads, etc)
  • Funding Sources: Local Sections, The Region, Societies/Divisions, Ticket Sales, Local Companies and Universities

Step 4:  Publicize the Conference and Initiate Ticket Sales (using for exampleEventbrite)

  • Advertise at least 30 days in advance
  • Use Section Newsletter, Section Email, Flyer/brochure, professional organizations, Social networks (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, twitter, etc.)

Step 5: Before Seminar: Finalize Agenda, Confirm Reservation (Food, Location, A/V Equipment, etc.), Confirm Speakers (confirm presentation needs), Invite Press Media (TV, Radio, etc.), and prepare Speaker Gift.

Step 6: Day of Seminar: Add IEEE flyers and banners in the room, Start on time, Follow the Agenda, Take Photos, and Recognize the Speakers, Committee and Attendees.

Step 7: After the Seminar: submit a report with photos to your section, Region 8 Professional Activities subcommittee, R8 newsletter, send thank you letters to speakers and to participants (with an evaluation form), and write experienced failing and successful stories.