Professional Activities Speaker Program

Many Professional Activities topics (i.e. everything nontechnical contributing to members’ careers) can be covered best by local speakers familiar with the culture, background and experience level of participants. However, for international perspective and to create better links within IEEE, the PA committee is also maintaining a speaker program.

The speakers are all experienced lecturers giving multi-hour workshops. Some workshops even run over several days, according to speaker requirements.

The Speaker Program functions in a similar manner to Distinguished Lecturer programs run by many technical societies at IEEE. A local IEEE group (e.g Section, Student Branch, Young Professionals affinity group etc) may contact the speaker directly to find a suitable time. Local funding (by the IEEE section or sponsors) is necessary, but there is also funding available to cover travel expenses to/from the location.

We are also seeking additional speakers to cover a wider range of topics. See below for the criteria.

IEEE Region 8 Professional Activities Speaker’s Program

The Region 8 Professional Activity Subcommittee is seeking to extend its Speaker Program to new heights. For the same purpose, the subcommittee invites applications from any interested speakers who wish to join the program. Have a look at our existing speakers and their profiles here.

Following are the areas in which the subcommittee is looking for speakers:

  1. Personal Skills: Creativity, Self-Confidence, Self-Motivation,etc
    2. Influence Skills: Leadership, Project Management, Organizational etc
    3. Relationship Skills: Customer Relations and Communications
    4. Product Skills: Quality Control, Marketing, Assesment, Innovation, Concepts etc
    5. Writing Skills: Technical Paper/Proposal writing, Project Proposal, Reports of Projects etc
    6. Oral Skills: Presentation skills, Speaking, etc
  2. Employment: International Careers, Employer Requirements etc
  3. Entrepreneurship: Business Models, Creating Products, Running a Company etc


IEEE Member Grade: An IEEE member of any grade

Skill: The speaker’s profile should reflect the skills and experience related to the proposed talk.

Content: Workshop of several hours, combining presentation and exercises. Its not necessary that applicant have this prepared in advance but it is expected from speaker to provide insight into what kind of material will be provided in workshops.

Previous Talks: The speaker must have a track record at local level, with very positive feedback.

References: Three Recommendations (mostly by IEEE officers, if you don’t know any officer please get in touch with us and we shall help you in following this requirement)

Experience: The speaker must have experience in the covered field, either from academia or industry (e.g prior leadership exp).

Availability: Should have time for at least one multi-day trip per year

Application Procedure:

Please send an email to with following details:

  1. Personal Details which contains name, address, contact details, photo, etc

  2. IEEE Details which contains membership number, grade, years, volunteer positions, section,etc

  3. Professional Details which contains name of employer, contact, years, domain, expertise, etc

  4. Topic of the talk, Abstract and/or any extra material if available.

  5. Recommendations from various people as well feedback of audience (if possible) from previous events.

  6. Any media (Photos, Videos) which might be useful to explore impact of speaker.

Once we receive your email we will get back to you in case more information is required. Feel free to get in touch for any info.


Thank you