Speaker Profile: Nadhem Barda

nadhem-bardaaNadhem BARDA, IEEE Member, graduated from the University of Sfax (Tunisia) in 2000. In 2011, he founded NTraining, a training company involved with engineering management. Nadhem has consulted with corporations as Petrofac, Tunisiana Orascom, OMV, and L’EPI D’OR. Nadhem has worked internationally at JCI since 2004 as a trainer designer and has presented different training as Leadership, team management, and strategic planning in different countries as Tunisia, Saudi Arabia, Morocco, and Senegal. He published a book on 2010 written in French entitled “Keys of Success, I will be efficient”. Nadhem has served as President of the Union Chamber of Training, Studies and Consulting at the UTICA Sfax and he is the founder of the Professional Community MAWARED RH.

More info available on the Nadhem website: www.nadhem.net
Contact: nadhembardaa@gmail.com

Vision: Being an exceptional impact maker…
Mission: Support individuals, organizations and businesses to build their success with efficiency and passion
Values: Dare! Learning? Share…

Nadhem is able to offer the following workshops in different languages (Arabic, French, or English):

  • Managing People: Time, Objectives, Communication
  • Leading People: Problem resolution, Decision making, Performance, Motivation
  • Managing Team: Professional Relationship, Delegation
  • Leading Team: Meeting Management, Building and Leading Team
  • Reflecting Leadership: Training of Trainers, Accompaniment
  • Leading Strategy: Change Management, Strategic Planning