IEEE Smart Tech: Metro Area Workshop Series – Glasgow, Scotland

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The IEEE Smart Tech Workshop is coming to Glasgow, Scotland 13 October. It will be held at the University of Strathclyde’s Technology Innovation Centre (TIC) and Royal College Buildings.

The one-day workshop offers two tracks, Li-Fi Technologies and their Appreciation and Real World Desktop Software Defined Radio using the RTL-SDR and MATLAB/Simulink, from which you may choose.

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Li-Fi Technologies and their Appreciation: 

  • History of Visible Light Communication (VLC)
  • New Security enabled by Li-Fi
  • LED device basics
  • Digital modulation techniques and information rates
  • Channel models
  • Detector devices
  • Multiple input multiple output transmission in Li-Fi
  • Li-Fi business cases in lighting industry

Real World Desktop Software Defined Radio using the RTL-SDR and MATLAB/Simulink: 

  • Introduction to SDR: The Wireless Revolution is just beginning!
  • From Analog to Digital – the radio driven desire to sample at GHz
  • IF SDR 100s of MHz to 10s of MHz IF to baseband
  • The  RTL-SDR Architecture: Analog Receiver and MHz Sampler
  • Live  Demo: Design of a first SDR: AM radio Receiver at 433MHz
  • Live  Demo: GSM/LTE and 3G mobiles spectra viewing
  • Signal  Synchronization, Timing, and Data Recovery

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