Dr Albert Lysko



Dr Albert Lysko


South Africa

Volunteer Position

Current positions: Past Chair and member: IEEE R8 Chapters Coordination (2021), Member: IEEE R8 Awards and IEEE R8 Conferences Coordination (2021), Past Chair: IEEE South Africa Section (2019-)

Past positions: Chair: IEEE R8 Chapters Coordination (2019-20), Chair: IEEE South Africa Section (2018-19), Vice-Chair/Elect: IEEE South Africa (2015-16), Chair: IEEE South Africa Joint AP/MTT/EMC Chapter (2013-14)



Principal Researcher at the CSIR


Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), South Africa

Other Information

Dr Albert Lysko is an award-winning engineer, researcher, innovator and IEEE volunteer. He has been with IEEE for over 20 years, and is a Senior member.


As a volunteer, Albert chaired a Joint Chapter in 2013-14, IEEE South Africa Section in 2017-18, and Region 8 Chapters Coordination sub-committee (ChCsC) in 2019-20. He has organised over 100 events and co-organized three conferences. Under his leadership, IEEE South Africa increased activities threefold and received its first global IEEE MGA Outstanding Medium Section award. His efforts were recognised with MGA Achievement and R8 Volunteer awards.


He has also been a member of numerous IEEE technical committees, including in 145 and 1900.6a in standardisation and co-founded IEEE AP-S online resources subcommittee under AP-S Educational activities.


Professionally, Albert has worked in both academia and industry, in both Europe and Africa. He is now a Principal Researcher at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and Adjunct Professor at the University of Cape Town (UCT) in South Africa. He also represented South Africa in two EU Cooperation in Science and Technology Actions. His recent research focus has been on television white spaces, dynamic spectrum access and is now shifting into 5G.


While at CSIR, Dr Lysko’s leading experimental research in television white spaces (TVWS) provided Internet to over 20,000 users in three countries and enabled setting up the South African national TVWS regulation and contributed to TVWS regulations in other African countries and USA. The TVWS has now become a new industry in South Africa. The work has been recognised with the South African National Science and Technology Forum (NSTF) and CSIR awards.


He has a research track record of three patents, a book, two book chapters, and over 100 research papers, popular science and news articles, including 3 best paper awards.

Contact Information


lysko AT ieee.org