Mind the Gap! Congrats to Pilot winners

Congratulations to IEEE MtG pilot Winners, you’re stars !!!
And thank you for all participants; we’re looking forward to your proposals in the regional contest 🙂

MtG Pilot at ICC, London winner:
Mostafa Ezziyyani for his project “World Talk”

MtG Pilot at MESBC 2015, Amman winners:

  • First Prize: Skander Mansouri, Slim Bouakez, and Ahlem Jedidi for their project “Family Camp” (IEEE INSAT SB, Tunisia)
  • Second Prize: Farah Sadi, Hiba Dweikat, and Israa Moussa for their Project “Generationary” (IEEE ANNU SB, Palestine)
  • Third Prize: Amira Tarroum, Ines Abdenneji, and Wafa Ben Hmida for their project “GG-eGlasses” (IEEE ENIG SB, Tunisia)

A big thank you to judges and supporters Charles Turner, Sohaib Qamar Sheikh, Maciej Borowka, Mohamed Amin, Mohamed El Dallal, and SAC’s Mona, Dinko, Ahmet, and Youmna 🙂