Mind the Gap! – New Contest for R8 Students


What is the generation gap? 


The term “generation gap” describes the sociological and psychological differences between people belonging to different generations: differences in values, lifestyle, attitude, even opportunities. Sociologists differentiate between three generations: Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964), Generation X (1965-1984), and Millennials (also known as Generation Y, 1985-2010).

The biggest gap exists between Millennials and their predecessors. Millennials grew up in a time where everything they needed to know or wanted to know was at their fingertips thanks to the advancement of technology. This innovative need to know, want, and do more led Millennials to obtain a skill set that is infinitely scalable compared to previous generations, mostly in terms of the ability to use technology efficiently and absorb information rapidly. However, what they lack most is what their predecessors abundantly have: experience.

What’s Mind the Gap (MtG) Contest? (Click this link for more info)


Mind the gap (MtG) is a new contest presented by IEEE Region8 SAC. The motivation behind this project is the continuous growth of the generational gap, caused by fast technical advancement.

To compete in “Mind the Gap!”, a team of students is expected to come up with a project idea that brings younger and older generations together, using technology to the advantage of humanity.
In MtG phase I, a team of 3 to 5 students (at least one of them being an IEEE student or graduate student member, and at least one of them being a post-graduate student) submits a proposal that describes a project aiming to reduce the generational gap, a project that the team is able to transform into a proof of concept within 6 months, and assuming a funding of up to $10,000. The proposal should include a description of challenges, market study, project milestones, detailed budget, and a Gantt chart.
Three winning projects, presented by three teams, will be selected to be laureates of the first, second, and third prize.
Initial timetable: 
May 15, 2016: idea submission
– End of June, 2016: idea evaluation results
For any questions about the contest, please refer to mtg@ieeer8.org