Cross-Sectional Student Initiatives Booster Program


The IEEE Region 8 Student Activities Committee is announcing the Cross-Sectional Student Initiatives Booster Program. This program calls for section student activities leaders (Section Chairs, SSACs, SSRs) and student branch leaders (Student Branch Chairs, Counselors) to submit proposals for a cross-sectional initiative or project idea in the area of Student Activities.




The program aims to:

  • Giving incentives to IEEE Region 8 Sections and Student Branches for collaborations regarding Student Activities and support them;
  • Provide an opportunity to IEEE Region 8 Sections and Student Branches to initiate cross-sectional programs in Student Activities;
  • Showcase the innovation and drive of IEEE Region 8 Sections and Student Branches to an international student audience;
  • Find, promote and establish creative programs which provide value to IEEE students.



The program rules are the following:

  • The initiatives or project ideas shall be new and not from the existing pool of IEEE Students Programs;
  • Applicants to this program can be only Sections and Student Branches:
    • For Student Branches, they must have submitted their annual report.
  • One applicant only is considered as the Financial Responsible (FR) OU;
    • The FR OU receives the funding from the program;
    • If the FR OU is a Student Branch, an endorsement from its Section Chair or Treasurer should be included.
  • Applicants should be from at least 2 Sections from Region 8:
    • In case of applicants from only 1 Section, the following rules are applied:
      • In case of hybrid or virtual initiatives:
        • At least 50 participants (with active IEEE membership) should attend AND
        • At least 30% or 30 (whichever is lower) participants (with active IEEE membership) are from other sections
      • In case of completely in-person initiatives:
        • At least 25 participants (with active IEEE membership) should attend AND
        • At least 30% or 15 (whichever is lower) participants (with active IEEE membership) are from other sections
  • Each OU can submit only 1 entry as the FR one and up to 2 entries in total;
  • Applicants that were funded in previous R8 SAC Programs and haven’t delivered the reports requested are not qualified to apply;
  • The application should include an endorsement from all applicant OUs:
    • For Sections, only Section Chair, SSAC or SSR can provide an endorsement;
    • For Student Branches, only Student Branch Chair or Counselor can provide an endorsement.



Proposals will be judged from R8 SAC in the following areas:

  • Innovation and Originality;
  • Solid content and Planning;
  • Usability and Benefits to students;
  • Scalability and Sustainability;
  • Alignment with MGA SAC goals.



The proposal shall contain the following information:

  • Summary of the proposal (max. 250 words)
  • Description of the proposed cross-sectional initiative or project idea
  • Goals and KPIs
    • Provide a short timeframe with milestones
    • The idea should be completed within the year of approval
  • How does the idea align with MGA Student Activities goals?
  • What are the benefits for the students?
  • Provide a detailed projected budget
  • Additional information (optional)

The submission shall:

  • be a maximum of 6 pages (without endorsement letters);
  • be in Times new roman font and 11 font size;
  • be submitted in pdf format;
  • include all the applicant OUs name;
  • include as attachments all endorsement letters.



The best entries which exceed the minimum standards will receive up to 1,000$ per initiative to be used as secured funding for piloting their proposals till the end of the year of the application after the submission and evaluation of their final report. The funding does not cover virtual platforms costs.



Apply Now!

Deadline: July 15th, 2021 September 15th, 2021

Application: Access the Form


Important Dates

  1. Proposals Submission: September 15th, 2021
  2. Winners Announcement: September 30th, 2021
  3. Initiatives Implementation: October – November 2021
  4. Report Submission: November 30th, 2021
  5. Funding Release: December 2021