IEEE Potentials Magazine needs your contributions!

We need you Regional leaders to help us in preparing the Sep/Oct Potentials issue. Similar to the very excellent Region 8 news: (current issue) we will be having a page ofStudent News from round the world. Feel free to submit an item yourself or pass this on to your branches. I know we’ll get a submission from Region 8, but let’s try for all 10.

Our print ‘lead’ times are such that we need to receive your articles TWO MONTHS before the cover date. Potentials publishes bi-monthly so if you want to be in the Sep/Oct news page you will need to get us everything by July. We’re already past this deadline, but this being the first one we’ll have to take what we can get in the next two weeks and from now on just make sure you get items to us two-months before issue date. So for Nov/Dec, be sending things to us by the beginning of September.


Lise, Potentials Editor-in-Chief and Sachin Seth, Potentials Student-Editor

Guidelines (mostly stolen from R8 news):

Ideally your news should be between 150 and 250 words. That’s not very long – in most cases that’s only six or seven sentences! Here are some tips on how to keep your reports concise:

  • Always begin the article with your biggest news
  • Concentrate on your most successful recent events only
  • Include dates, locations and numbers of attendees
  • State the name of your Section / Chapter / Branch / conference clearly
  • Don’t waste words on non-essential detail (such as describing the menu for a dinner event)
  • Avoid long lists of  ‘thank you’s
  • In other words, just try to stick to key facts, and avoid exposition. Also be wary of redundant sentences such as “The lecture was     very well received by the audience” or “The students thanked Professor Xxxxxxx for taking the time to visit the faculty”. Readers
    will already assume that a lecture was well received (otherwise you wouldn’t be writing a report about it) and that guest speakers were thanked appropriately! Remember, you only have a limited word count,
    so make the most of it.

Photos and captions
Feel free to send in digital photos with your articles: we will make room for them wherever we can. Please write a caption for each picture you submit so that we know who or what it shows.

*File formats and submission
*Send your articles to us at <> by email. Try to write ‘Region 8 News
for Potentials’ or similar in the subject line. Articles should be attached to your email as a plain text file or in Microsoft Word format.