Region 8 Outstanding Student Branch SIGHT Group of the Year Award

There is a need to recognize the essential work of the existing student branch SIGHT groups in Region 8, but also to promote and encourage student branches to create SIGHT groups. The purpose of this award is to recognize a SIGHT Student Branch Group who has made an outstanding contribution to IEEE SIGHT and to the local underserved community by leveraging technology to accomplish a sustainable solution.


Eligibility Criteria

  • All active R8 Student Branch SIGHT Groups;
  • Submitted the annual SIGHT Group report;
  • Implemented a project funded by HAC or SIGHT in the last two years;
  • Submitted a funded project report for their project;
  • Report SIGHT activities on vTools.


Nomination Process

SIGHT Student Branch Affinity Groups submit an application ideally using the IEEE Region 8 Awards platform. There will be a form to complete requiring:

  • Number of members in SIGHT Student Branch Affinity Group;
  • Outstanding and sustainable achievement within their local community;
  • References/Recommendations from Section or/and SIGHT or/and Student Branch Chair;
  • Submission of at least one funded project report of their project;
  • External and internal collaborations;
  • Reporting Statistic on vTools.



Deadline follows the Region 8 Awards official deadline.


Evaluation Criteria

The applications will be evaluated on at least the following criteria: 

  • Local impact of the SIGHT Student Branch Group;
  • External collaborations and partnerships;
  • Number of events / project funded;
  • Promotion of IEEE and SIGHT values;
  • Up to date report on Vtools of SIGHT activities;
  • Number of active members.



There will be a single winner of the monetary prize $300 accompanied with a certificate/plaque. The cash prize will be considered to promote SIGHT activities. If no SIGHT Student Branch Affinity Group is eligible for the award, no prize will be awarded.