Finding Speakers

If you are organizing an event and you need speakers, there are various ways:

  • Ask at your university: Assistants or Professors at your university are often happy to give a talk about topics they are working at.
  • Ask companies: Most companies will send you somebody to give a talk, if you are prepared for some included marketing. Try to keep it under control, but use the resources companies may offer you.
  •     IEEE can help you with finding speakers:
  • If you need somebody to give a talk about IEEE internals, like the organisation structures of IEEE, the things IEEE can offer or future planed changes in the IEEE, the best option is to send us a mail at and tell us what kind of talk you would like to have. We will then try to find somebody to give a speech.
  • For technical speakers, the societies are usually a very good contact. Most of them have something like a distinguished lecturer program, or another way to find speakers. If you are in need for some society contacts, send us a mail. at