IEEE Student Branch Counsellor Appointment Process

The intent of this process is to build a strong relationship between all Student Branches, their Counsellors, and the responsible Sections. A Counsellor becomes an IEEE Officer by appointment. IEEE Bylaws requires formal nomination and appointment of Student Branch Counsellors, similar to the appointment practice for other IEEE positions

The IEEE Student Branch members initiate the appointment of a Counsellor for their Branch. To begin the procedure, the Branch Chairperson should hold a meeting at which candidates for the Branch Counsellor position are identified and discussed. When the Branch members have agreed upon a faculty member they would like to serve as their Branch Counsellor, they should obtain permission from the individual to proceed with the nomination. If the candidate agrees to serve as Counsellor, Branch officers complete the Officer Reporting available through

After two years, the procedure outlined above should be repeated, resulting in either a selection of a new branch Counsellor or the reappointment of the current Counsellor.

Please note that the endorsement of a Branch Counsellor by either a department head or Dean is NOT REQUIRED by the IEEE Bylaws. However, such an endorsement is desirable and fosters good relations between the Branch and its corresponding academic department, the Branch may recommend whomever its members feel would be the best Counsellor.