Technical branch chapters

Student Branches can form Technical Branch Chapters, which are related to a IEEE Society. So for example a Branch might form a Computer Society Chapter or a Robotics Society Chapter.

This might provide some advantages in organizing your branch, for example if you want to expand branch activities to multiple faculties. Also, Societies may offer different kinds of support for student branch chapters. A branch chapter can be a good contact point with the IEEE societies – for technically oriented events, you might be able to get support from the societes easier if you are organized in a chapter.

How can I create a technical chapter in my branch?

In order to form a student branch chapter it is necessary to have (or start) an IEEE student branch. If a branch already exists you will need a faculty advisor who is also a member of the society you want to start a student chapter of and 12
student members.

Fill out and submit the chapter petition.

If the petition is in order, IEEE student services will take the necessary action to obtain formal approval of the petition by the regional director, the regional student activities committee chair, and the Computer Society President.