SYP Networking Activities Program


The IEEE Region 8 Student Activities Committee is announcing the SYP Networking Activities Program. This program calls for student branch leaders (Student Branch Chairs and Counselors) to submit proposals for social and networking activities between student branches and young professionals that mix fun with professional development.



The program aims to:

  • Enhance the bonding between student members and young professionals;
  • Establish collaborative activities between student branches and young professionals;
  • Be the meeting place for networking, social and professional development activities;
  • Increase the motivation of student members and boost the student – YP transition;
  • Provide incentives for collaboration with Young Professionals for STEP events.



The program rules are the following:

  • Applicants to this program can be only Student Branches that have submitted their annual report;
    • The application should include an endorsement letter from the respective Student Branch Chair or Counselor.
  • The application must be supported by the respective local Young Professionals affinity group;
    • The application should include an endorsement letter from the respective Affinity Group Chair.
  • Participants should be students from the organizing Student Branch and YPs from the respective Section with a minimum participation of 10 participants;
  • The program of the event should include at least one session for:
    • IEEE Young Professionals;
    • Student Transition to YPs;
    • Professional Development;
    • Networking and socializing.



Proposals will be judged from R8 SAC in the following areas:

  • Solid content and Planning;
  • Benefits to students on their transition to YPs;
  • Alignment with program goals.



The proposal shall contain the following information:

  • Summary of the proposal (max. 250 words)
  • Description of the proposed SYP Networking Activity
  • Proposed Title, Date, Venue and Organizing Team
  • Preliminary Budget
  • Suggested Program and Time Schedule
  • Goals and KPIs
    • Provide a short timeframe with milestones
    • The event should be organized within the year of approval

The submission shall:

  • be a maximum of 6 pages (without endorsement letter);
  • be in Times new roman font and 11 font size;
  • be submitted in pdf format;
  • include as attachment the endorsement letter.



The entries which exceed the minimum standards will receive up to 500$ per activity to be used as secured funding after the submission and evaluation of their final report. The funding will be sent in the parent Section’s bank account after the submission and evaluation of the final report. The funding does not cover virtual events and costs, and covers up to 60% of the total budget. Funding Eligibility Criteria and Outcome Reporting Rules are applied on this program.


Apply Now!

Final Deadline: October 20th

Application From: Submit your Application NOW


Important Dates

  1. Proposals Submission: April 20th, May 20th, June 20th, July 20th, August 20th, September 20th, October 20th
  2. Winners Announcement: 14 days after proposal submission deadline
  3. Event Implementation: by late November 2022
  4. Reporting Submission: by November 30th, 2022
  5. Funding Release: December 2022