Mentors July-August 2020


IEEE Fellows and Senior Members with considerable experience in industry are working hard supporting a large number of Mentees who sought guidance. Their schedules are now full.


Mentors will make time for one-to-one conversations despite busy schedules, and will provide guidance by email or phone.


Mentors are not there to do your work. From their experience, they can guide you. Mentees must be receptive to critical (but friendly) comments.


To ensure both the mentor and mentee gain satisfaction from the association, it is important to understand the limitations and boundaries. However, if you, the mentee, genuinely have no idea how to go about something, make this clear to your mentor, otherwise the discussion will falter. Treat what your mentor says to you with the same confidentiality that you would wish your mentor to treat your own confidences Never say “But my mentor said” unless you are sure your mentor would not mind being.quoted.



Mentor Intentions Mentor background Mentor Location Availability
To help young engineers Control systems, power supplies, microcontrollers, printed circuit board design. Research, metal and mechanical industry Spain September to July
To help and support in developing and enhancing engineering and communications skills, support innovation in Italy Semiconductors: VLSI, analog microelectronics
Design and CAD of analog microelectronics, power microelectronics and RF microelectronics
Photovoltaics and energy storage
Italy Commitment by arrangement through email
To help advice on career related questions, to help fostering innovations/start-ups in Germany Software Engineering, Cloud Architecture, IT Management
Designers, coders, thinkers, bankers, traders, and entrepreneurs.
Germany To be discussed with Mentee
To help, guide and advice young engineers in their career and to develop their engineering and interpersonal skills Electrical Power Engineering Oman Commitment by arrangement though email
Wants volunteers to receive a certificate of appreciation
To help develop skills and focuses of new engineers in the medical imaging field. Medical imaging data analysis, digital image processing UK Commitment by arrangement. Phone, email and F2F when possible.
Public bid processes, major infrastructure Ideas guy Nordic Commitment by arrangement though email
To help and support in developing and enhancing engineering and communications skills ICT areas (Wireless, Bio-Sensors, IoT ,etc) Oman Available through emails to start with
To help and advise: a) current and post-university students and b) employed engineers how to best develop their engineering and associated soft skills to benefit their career RF and microwave circuits and systems for communications and sensors, optical communications, monolithic circuit design on compound semiconductors. UK By prior arrangement by phone or email.
To help develop skills in application of (measurement) science in industry areas Quantum metrology, measurements in power & energy and smart grid,
Quality Assurance,
Scientific programme management,
Science strategy (road mapping)
NL Commitment by per case arrangement
To help develop and mutually get benefitted from skills of new engineers Designing world class Analog and Power-Management ICs Germany By email arrangement
To give advice on career related issues Information and Communication Technologies Oman Commitment by arrangement through email
To help develop skills and focus of new engineers Photonics Technology,
Microelectronics technology,
Fit-for-Purpose Reliability, Business development
UK Commitment by arrangement. Online and ‘Phone and email will allow more contact
To encourage, support and help developing skills of new engineers Telecommunication Engineering with emphasis on Electromagnetics & radio frequency circuit design applications Oman Commitment by arrangement through email
To pass on all I know such that any proper learning can be truly new Head of engineering standards, assurance and safety. UK Commitment by arrangement, online, phone and email, in person if appropriate
Renewable Energy, Smart Metering, Drones and Smart Grids. Planning  Management, Transmission Cyprus Commitment by arrangement through email
To guide skills in: managerial
team work, team management,  time management, project management,
team leadership, business plan/business modelling, conference chairmanship and organization, R&D project management
ICT (Information and Communication Technology)
Commitment by arrangement through email
Business and administrative management of little companies.
R&D projects, EC FP projects
System engineering, V&V and safety of complex systems (Defence, Automotive, Railways) France Commitment by arrangement through email
ICT, Software development mentoring Medical Systems, Business and domestic software development.
Information technology consultancy activities
UK Commitment by arrangement through email. Possible to mentor by video.
International standardisation
Wireless comms,  propagation modelling, EM emitted antenna and the public health risk France To be discussed with Mentee