IEEE R8 Questionnaire on Continuing Education (CE) / Continuing Professional Development (CPD) – for the Ad Hoc Committee on Africa Activities (AHCAA)

The IEEE R8 Continuing Education (CE) together with the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Working Group of the IEEE Ad Hoc Committee on Africa Activities (IEEE AHCAA) performed a survey targeting the Africa community, in November-December 2012. The idea to perform the survey and the completion of the specific questionnaire was done with the help of Saurabh Sinha, IEEE R8 Vice-Chair on Technical Activities, and Zac Oyedokun, IEEE AHCAA Chair. One interest is to determine whether there would be an interest by local or national professional societies to partner with IEEE in extending the access to the eLearning at local/national levels in Africa. The other interest is to develop a baseline in terms of CPD resources available in various countries.

The online questionnaire was created with the help of George Michael The invitation for the questionnaire was distributed using the IEEE e-Notice tool to 21,687 IEEE members in Africa, and the participation was limited to only 134 IEEE members. The deadline for completing the questionnaire was given two extensions, the first one because of the Hurricane Sandy that hit NJ and the headquarters of IEEE, and the second one because of the Thanksgiving holiday in USA.

The most important results are summarized to the following charts. Wherever a rating scale is applicable, it is used from 0 to 5, where 0 stands for “Don’t know” or “Not aware”. The rest of the questions, not given below, concern some explanations asked by the questionnaire, where the participants give their answers in text. All the answers given are provided here.