Presentations of the IEEE R8 EASC meeting , Madrid, Spain, April 2013

The agenda and the presentations of the IEEE R8 EASC meeting held in Madrid, Spain, April 2013:

Welcome and overview of the EASC activities, Niovi Pavlidou

Offerings from the Educational Activity Board (EAB), Doug Gorham

Committee on Global Accreditation Activities (CGAA), Saurabh Sinha

Pre-University Activities (overview), Sohaib Qamar Sheikh

University Activities (overview), Rui Costa

Continuing Education Activities (overview), Niovi Pavlidou

Synergies with Professional Activities, Carl Debono

IEEE Region 8 PA-EAB Synergies, Jan Verveckken

Synergies with Chapters, Elya Joffe

Synergies with WIE R8, Joyce Mwangama

Invited Sections: Serbia & Montenegro, Natasa Neskovic

Wrap up & Action Plan for 2013, Niovi, Rui, Sohaib