First National Conference on Practical Activities in Distance Learning (CNeTP 2012) Report

The first national conference on practical activities in distance learning (CNeTP 2012) was held in Monastir on 2nd of November, under the auspice of IEEE education society Tunisia chapter, in Sciences Palace ( Tunisia. The conference aimed to gathers academic researchers in that specific field such as Dr. Hamadou Saliah Hassane (TELUQ, Quebec university, Canada), Pr. Denis Gillet (federal polytechnics school of Lausanne Switzerland) and many other speakers.

The plenary sessions illustrate different cases of study and experiments dealing with distance learning, virtual laboratories and the educational use of “Internet of things”. My presentation was focusing on the ways to enhance experimental activities through public secondary schools in Tunisia. Teachers In-Service (TISP) activities were one of the effective educational methodologies in experimental activities. As tried within three events in Tunisia with Tunisian pre-university school teachers, it has proven that such activities improve students’ motivation to learn and to interact with knowledge. The deep interaction between research and technological innovation is a source of excellence in all human activities, especially teaching and learning activities. As well, experimental activities are essential to the development of tactile intelligence in learners. New communication technologies, used in teaching and learning, have led to the presence of several educational tools of experimental education, such as robotic laboratories. Internationally, many institutions had introduced mobile robotics as a discipline. Robots embody the simple lines of code into tangible actions. Learners are fully engaged in the exploration of new scientific itineraries to improve the performance of their projects: their robots.

The Conference was very interactive with many interesting questions and fruitful discussions on technical and pedagogical sides of those projects. The audience received a very well impression on different presentations.

Report by: Riadh Besbes, PUW member