IST Portugal TISP Report

The IEEE IST Student Branch has been doing excellent work in organizing TISP workshops directly for the students in different schools in Portugal. Below is their report of the activities for the last year.

If you want to organize a TISP workshop or presentation in your section/branch then please contact us at

– R8PUW Team


Since 2010, IEEE-IST Student Branch( has been doing the Teacher In-Service Program ( TISP) at high and primary schools, illuminating young teenagers minds to the art of engineering. The TISP goal is to teach what engineering is all about by doing activities with younger students where they can learn the process of design a solution, using only the basic resources available and actually implementing their solution.

Last school year (2011-2012), IEEE-IST SB team put a huge effort in the development of this program, reaching out more than 1000 students in 5 different schools located at Sintra, Cascais, Aveiro and Sesimbra in Portugal.

We had more than 80 hours of preparations, 30 of them to buy and build all the materials for the activities and 50 hours to gather the team, train them and contact schools.

Although TISP encourages that engineering students train school teachers, so they can perform the physical activities with their students, we figured out from the beginning, that it is much more effective if we jumped the teachers part and go directly to the students, after all, we are the real engineers, the ones with passion and the ones who can better relate and share the enthusiasm with the bright young minds. This was one of the key aspects that made our TISP successful, and since we are all engineers and like to version things, we decided to call it TISP 2.0.

We received brilliant feedback from schools and some of them already contacted us to come again this year. We got to see some familiar faces from TISP sessions on the Welcoming Freshmen events, some of them referenced us as the IEEE guys and remember how building a robot arm changed their route in life.

Below you can watch our promotional video for TISP 2011-12.


David Dias

TISP Coordinator for 2011 2012 at IEEE-IST Student Branch