TISP training workshop at the Hellenic Student Branch & GOLD Congress 2013

The Hellenic Student Branch & GOLD Congress 2013 was hosted by the University of Cyprus IEEE Student Branch in Nicosia (Cyprus), from 1st to 3rd of November 2013. The participants of the Congress were Student & Young Professional (GOLD) members from Greece, Cyprus and other countries of Region 8 and its aim was for the participants to socialize, exchange experiences and ideas and to develop new skills.

HSBC 2013

The Congress program included various keynotes from IEEE Distinguished Lecturers, student branches presentations, technical workshops and presentations of current IEEE Programs. Among others, a Teacher in Service Program training workshop was presented by Ioannis Mousmoutis, Chair of the IEEE University of Thessaly (Lamia) Student Branch and his team. The main aim of the workshop was to inform the participants about the Program, to raise their interest and increase their involvement in it.


At the beginning of the presentation, information about Pre-University programs offered by the IEEE Educational Activities Board (EAB) was disseminated with special focus on TISP and its goals. Afterwards, a TISP hands-on workshop was delivered.

The participants were divided in teams of 3-4 members and they were asked to build a robot arm using simple materials in 30 minutes and present it to other teams.

HSBC TISP 2013 2

After the hands on activity, TISP 2.0 was mentioned and a comparison between the two programs was made. TISP 2.0 is a Region 8 initiative. Also, Educational Portals were demonstrated and guidance to the participants was given in order to conduct TISP Workshops in their local areas.

Overall, the response from the participants was positive and we expect them to organize TISP workshop in their local areas in the future.

If you want to organize a TISP workshop in your area or need information about it then please contact us at r8puw@ieee.org