Pre-University Activities Works Committee

Corresponding Member

Iulia Motoc

Iulia is a Research Associate at the University of Kent in UK, working on implementing human-like machines for face and voice recognition. read more…

She is also an active Engineering Ambassador, getting involved in events such as FIRST LEGO League and Big Bang Fairs. Iulia has been an IEEE member for 8 years and an IEEE volunteer for 6 years.

Pre-University Activities Works Committee Mission

Pre-University Activities Works Committee aims to encourage pre-university students to follow the Engineering. In order to do that PUWC has a variety of programs and contest in order to:

  • Inform pre-university student parents about the Engineering way of thinking and it’s role to society
  • Encourage the technological literacy of pre-university students
  • Support Educators in implementing lesson plans
  • Help pre-university students develop essential nont-technical skills