IEEE R8 Robot Championship STEM initiative

IEEE R8 Robot Championship 2022

STEM initiative

After being accepted into the Robot Championship 2022, each team of roboteers will need to apply for at least two STEM activities.

These two activities must be performed before the physical event in Malta.


This is a mandatory aspect of the championship.


Rules and Regulations can be accessed here.


You may contact us at



Only online, through this link.

Open between August 1 and October 1, 2022, end of day CEST.


Submit your activities one by one.

Rules and Regulations can be accessed here.


Who can apply?

All the competitor teams must apply for, at least, two activities.
External members, such as SBs, can also apply.



Awards will be given to the best three initiatives under the STEM program.
1st place: 400 USD.
2nd: 300 USD.
3rd: 200 USD.



You can apply for funds from the TryEngineering month.

(If you use those funds you must do the activities during the month of November 2022)


About the Robot Championship

More info here.