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IEEE Ethics Video

For some time the EMCC has been concerned that university engineering programs have not been giving appropriate visibility to ethics education in the engineering curriculum.


To address this issue, the EMCC has produced a 45-minute video that can be used in university electrical and computer engineering programs that will assist faculty and students in gaining a better understanding of the need for ethical conduct within the practice of engineering and can provide students and faculty with approaches that will enable a better focus on ethics in the context of the university classroom.



We would appreciate your assistance in making university engineering programs in your region aware of this new teaching aid.


The 45-minute video is archived at IEEE.TV and can be accessed at any time at the following URL.



Support IEEE Day to make a remarkable celebration

IEEE Day is an annual event celebrated on the first Tuesday in October, IEEE Day 2021 will be held on 5 October. Celebrations can be held between 1 October and 17 October.


IEEE Day’s theme is: “Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow.”


IEEE Day encourages members together to share ideas and be inspired to achieve their technological goals. This year, there will be a hybrid celebration due to the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions. Events will be held both in-person and virtually in locations around the world.


IEEE Day provides a toolkit that contains promotional copy, a social media collateral package, testimonials, logo and flyers, Wallpaper, Zoom Virtual Background, and a quick start guide.


The team is asking for everyone’s support in celebrating IEEE Day, sharing their knowledge, and pinning the event on the IEEE Day event map.

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