Technical Activities

Technical Activities (TA)

The Region 8 Technical Activities committee is responsible for coordinating technical activities in the Region (Europe, Middle East and Africa), interface with the IEEE Technical Activities Board and coordinate corresponding functions in the MGA Board.

The committee is chaired by the Region 8 Vice-Chair Technical Activities and comprises of the following sub-committees/functions:

The 2022-2023 Vice-Chair, Technical Activities is Marios Antoniou and he can be reached at [email protected].

Core Values:

The IEEE Region 8 Technical Activities believes in:

  • Inclusiveness – Embracing diversity of Region 8 members and their careers. Respecting each other’s values with honesty and transparency;
  • Networking – Creating an engaged, interactive community of technical professionals from both industry and academic sectors;
  • Professionalism – Maintaining the highest level of professional and ethical standards;
  • Technical Excellence – Disseminating high quality scientific and technical information in a timely, equitable and objective manner;
  • Volunteerism – The driving force of Region 8 Technical Activities.

Committee Chair/Coordinator:

Chapter Coordination Conf. Coordination Professional and

Educational Activities

Action for Industry Standards
Anna Litvinenko Tiziana Tambosso Andrejs Romanovs Toni Mattila Mona Ghassemian

Further details of sub-committees can be found at the Region 8 Committee page.

Focus Areas:

The overarching focus areas for 2019-2021 Technical Activities committee are

  • Revitalise the Chapter Coordination committee;
  • Expand Action for Industry programs and align them with the IEEE Industry Engagement Committee;
  • Achieve a healthy conferences outlook, explore new flagship conferences and industry focused events;
  • Improve professional and educational activities programs with specific emphasis on Pre-University, University and Continuing Education;
  • Expand our standards-related offerings.
  • Engage with Africa Council to expand TA activities in Africa;
  • Increase TA activities focused on Students and Young Professionals;
  • Increase coordination between sub-committees.