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The IEEE Region 8 Vice-Chair, Member Activities (VCMA) shall chair the IEEE Region 8 Member Activities Committee and be responsible for planning, leadership, and guidance for activities related to IEEE Region 8 members, including the areas of Membership Development, admission and advancement, affinity group programs (Young Professionals, Women in Engineering and Life Members), Electronic Communications, Region 8 News, History and Humanitarian Activities.


The Region 8 Vice-Chair for Member Activities for 2021/22 is Sara Pena Barros (Benelux Section).

The Vice-Chair can be reached directly at


Chat with Sara and discover what being an IEEE member means to her

Member Activities and Subcommittees
IEEE Region 8 Member Activities Subcommittees & Coordinators:

To contact all Chairs and Coordinators, please e-mail:

For a description of the individual teams, contacts, activities and plans, please visit their page by clicking on the respective link.


Region 8 Member Activities focus on the following goals and objectives:

  • Improve the value of IEEE membership by increasing services and benefits to R8 members
  • Develop non-technical IEEE activities in the Region (including contests, awards and promotion programs)
  • Foster members’ awareness of IEEE activities and existing benefits
  • Support Region 8 initiatives and inform other IEEE organizational units about them
  • Increase membership and develop retention strategies
  • Develop local retention and membership programs
  • Enhance member’s careers
  • Provide a platform for co-ordination, motivation and interaction among R8 members and organisational units
  • Provide input to the IEEE Membership Development Committee regarding R8 issues
  • Assure IEEE membership promotion at IEEE Conferences and other events in R8
  • Promote and support MA officers in R8 Sections
  • Provide Training & Orientations for Section MA officers
  • Help in formation, organisation and development of non-technical IEEE organisational units (including affinity groups)
  • Provide support to and rejuvenate IEEE organisational units
  • Help with communication between existing IEEE organisational units
  • Represent R8 members’ interests and voice their concerns
  • Introduce new ideas and proposals and implement initiatives for new activities within the membership responsibilities.
  • Assure recruitment of new members and volunteers, control retention of active members and recovery of arrears.
  • Promote and support member grade elevation
  • Support and provide recognition of IEEE voluneers

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