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Vitality means performing the duties, initiative, energy and enthusiasm. Vital organizational units (Sections, Chapters, Affinity Groups and Student Branches) better serve their members. In our units, we should identify items of importance to our members. Some years ago IEEE Member and Geographic Activities made Section Vitality a priority. The goal is to have all the Sections and Sub-Sections active. To achieve this we need many enthusiastic volunteers on all levels and especially on the Section level. Follow the links to learn about Section Vitality and the tools you need in your work.



The goal of the Section Vitality and Development Sub-Committee (SVD SC) is to have vital sections and subsections serving their members. That means successful operation, timely reporting (officers, meetings, and financials) to receive their rebates, successfully retaining and recruiting members, training new volunteers and holding elections on time following the MGA Operations Manual.

  • Financial reporting: the goal is to achieve 100% submission before the reporting deadline and to encourage GEO units to qualify for their rebate bonus.
  • Section election: the goal is to support sections in the process of electing Section officers for the next two-year term.


Focus on subsections, having Region 8 as their parent, to help them to connect with Region 8, to increase membership, run activities and perform reporting to receive the rebate and after years of successful operation to be elevated to sections. In addition, SVD monitors countries with no IEEE units but with the potential to start a subsection in the near future. In this regard, SVD helps petitioners to prepare proposals that follow MGA Operations Manual and R8 Operations Manual before submitting the proposal on the petition portal. SVD evaluates all submitted petitions and informs R8 director about the result.




To help local volunteers we are preparing guidelines:

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