IEEE R8 Young Professionals Subcommittee 2023

The Region 8 Young Professionals subcommittee’s task is to create awareness of and to promote Young Professionals programs in the Region. The subcommittee acts as an active promoter, resource, and liaison for sections, affinity groups, and student branches to generate and support YP activities.

Contact us at: [email protected]!

The Young Professionals subcommittee in Region 8 is made up of Young Professional volunteers from Region 8:


YP Affinity Group Chairs

Below are the contact details for the chairs of the Region 8 Young Professionals Affinity Groups (AG), to help you to get in contact with each other, exchange ideas and experiences on events and activities, and plan future collaborations.


Full list of IEEE Region 8 Section Chairs can be found here.

Full list of worldwide Young Professionals affinity groups can be found here.


Affinity Group Chair Name Contact
Benelux Hakan Ergun [email protected]
Bosnia & Herzegovina Tarik Hubana [email protected]
Croatia Ana Milas [email protected]
Cyprus George Michael [email protected]
Czechoslovakia Jaroslav Hornak [email protected]
Denmark Weizhi Meng [email protected]
Egypt Mohamed Saeed [email protected]
Estonia Aleksei Tepljakov [email protected]
Finland Sanjay Kumar [email protected]
France Kevin Herisse [email protected]
Germany Pengcheng Xu [email protected]
Ghana Maxwell Addison [email protected]
Greece Panos Kotsampopoulos [email protected]
Hungary Patrik Viktor [email protected]
Israel Erez Zolkov [email protected]
Italy Santi Pavone [email protected]
Jordan Mustafa Aqrabawe [email protected]
Kazakhstan Hashim Ali [email protected]
Kenya Kithinji Muriungi [email protected]
Kuwait Rayan Hanna [email protected]
Lebanon Elio Aoun [email protected]
Libya Ramy Harib [email protected]
Lithuania Mantas Lipnickas [email protected]
Mauritius Neecharl Ramprosand [email protected]
Morocco Zineb Bousbaa [email protected]
Nigeria Mistura Muibi-Tijani [email protected]
North Macedonia Marija Poposka [email protected]
Norway Hsuan Yin Lin [email protected]
[email protected]
Oman Yahya Al Belushi [email protected]
Palestine Buthayna Qutaina [email protected]
Qatar Onur Karmis [email protected]
Romania Dorian Sidea [email protected]
Russia Ann Kazmina [email protected]
Russia (Siberia)
Saudi-Arabia East
Saudi-Arabia West Ibrahim Nasar [email protected]
Serbia and Montenegro Kristina Jovičić [email protected]
Slovenia Blaz Bertalanic [email protected]
[email protected]
South Africa, Pretoria
South Africa, Cape Town
Spain Javier Andion Jimenez [email protected]
Sweden Samarth Deo [email protected]
Switzerland Agnieszka ZagozdzinskaBochenek [email protected]
Tunisia oussema fitouri [email protected]
Turkey MURAT YAZICI [email protected]
Uganda Alfred Asumogi [email protected]
Ukraine Evgen Pichkalyov [email protected]
United Arab Emirates Moayad Aloqaily [email protected]
United Kingdom & Ireland Nazila Fough [email protected]