Professional and Educational Activities

Professional And Educational Activities subCommittee (PEAsC)

PEAsC Mission

PEAsC’s mission is to develop non-technical skills programs (such as “Leadership Skills Training” or “Project Management”) in order to provide additional value to members, in particular to young engineers and students. To coordinate educational activities programs in Region 8 including pre-university education, university-level education, post-university (continuing) education and the promotion of public awareness of engineering, technology and other topics within IEEE’s Field of Interest. To recruit volunteers to implement professional and educational seminars and workshops in R8 and to train local Tutors (Trainers) for these activities.

Committee Chair

Stamatis Dragoumanos

Stamatis Dragoumanos is a Software Engineer and Developer with specialization on Human-Computer Interaction in Virtual and Augmented Environments with almost 16 years of experience.
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He has a deep knowledge on programming languages, 3D graphics design and development, game development and web application. He is also a Chemical Engineer and has MSc in Computational Fluid Dynamics. He has a 12 year experience on teaching programming languages, algorithms and data structures on a variety of student ages and education level. Eight years of experience out of 12 are in pre-university students as an Educator in private primary schools and public high schools. He is certified Soft Skill Trainer by Erasmus+. He is an inquiry based learning enthusiast and he strongly believes that soft skills development is one of the most important concepts that is missing in today’s Educational System. He has participated in the forming and first steps of 4 startups and he is awarded by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry for one of them. His research interests are on Human Computer Interaction, Augmented Reality, and Education.

Continuing Education Works Committee


Mohamed El Dallal

Mohamed El Dallal is a Computer and Communication Engineer, MBA holder specialized in International Business. read more…

He is also working on researches in the digital marketing field. He is a serial Entrepreneur currently the Co-founder and CEO of Innovideas LLC. for marketing and advertising agency, Co-founder of Dcodes LLC. for software solutions and Co-founder and board member of Techne Summit.
Mohamed is also an avid volunteer, participating with several NGOs, project and youth initiatives both inside and outside of Egypt since 2009. He has been a volunteer in IEEE since 2010 serving on a different position locally and regionally, He is currently a Global Shaper, Rotarian, Vice Chair of IEEE Young Professionals MGA , Chair for IEEE Region 8 professional Activities committee and IEEE Region 8 educational activities.


Jan Haase

Jan Haase (M’07, SM’09) received his Diplom (equivalent to Master), and PhD degree in computer sciences at University of Frankfurt/Main, Germany and his Habilitation at Helmut-Schmidt-University of the Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany.
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After his PhD he was project leader of several research projects at University of Technology Vienna, Austria, at the Institute of Computer Technology and then lecturer at Helmut-Schmidt-University of the Armed Forces Hamburg, Germany. Currently, he is a temporal professor for Organic Computing at University of Luebeck, Germany.
His main interests are Building Automation, Smart City, System Specification and Modeling, Simulation, Low-Power Design Methodologies, Wireless Sensor Networks, and Automatic Parallelization.
He (co)-authored more than 100 peer reviewed journal and conference papers and several book chapters.
As an IEEE volunteer, he is currently chair of the Technical Committee on Building Automation, Control, and Management (TC BACM). Furthermore he is voting Adcom member of Industrial Electronics Society. On IEEE level he chaired the Adhoc on Cultural Differences of the IEEE Conferences Committee and is currently a member of the IEEE Conference Finances Committee. He is Germany Section’s current Vice Chair and Austria Section’s Past Chair. In IEEE Region 8 he filled the posts of Conference Coordinator as well as Chair of the Professional Activities Subcommittee.

Corresponding Member

Reinhardt Rading

Reinhardt Rading is a graduate student at the University of Parma, pursuing a master’s degree in Communication Engineering.
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He received a bachelor’s degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Kenyatta University. Reinhardt worked with Kenya Airway’s Flight Operations Engineering Department before joining EatonTowers as an Energy Engineer.
Reinhardt has interest in Smart Cities, 5G, Cyber Security and Internet of Things. He is currently working on energy efficient embedded systems with a focus on multi-media and signal processing applications.

Continuing Education Works Committee Mission

Continuing Educational Activities Works Committee aims to support IEEE members to their professional life by providing resources and programs that help them develop both their technical and non-technical skills.
Such programs are the PEA Speakers Program and the Entrepreneurship Week, IEEE’s eLearning Library and Technical English programs and many more.

University Activities Works Committee


Christopher James

Prof. Christopher James is an academic from the University of Warwick, United Kingdom, who has been a member and volunteer with IEEE for over 25 years. read more…

He is a Biomedical Engineer and as well as volunteering within Region 8 he is also a volunteer within the Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society (EMBS). He is also Director of a start-up company called EMbody Biosignals Ltd.

Corresponding Member

Amith Khandakar

Amith Khandakar is working at the Electrical Engineering Department of Qatar University for the last 10 years. read more…

His specialties includes, Biomedical Sensors, Electronics, Cognitive Radio, Engineering Education. He is also a keen believer in the soft skills , which are termed currently as Essential Skills and have done various workshops, with great feedback’s, at universities in Qatar, Canada,USA, Serbia, Finland, Poland, Portugal.

University Activities Works Committee Mission

The objective of this committee, working under the tutelage of the Professional and Educational Activities Sub-Committee is to support Student members in their path to develop their non-technical and technical skills and to spread and encourage the creation of education-driven university activities by IEEE volunteers on Region 8, such as :

  • Online Educational University-level resources
  • Peer-aided engineering study groups
  • Student-papers publications development
  • University educational-activities news spreading
  • Entrepreneurship Week

More information, will be available soon.

Pre-University Activities Works Committee

Corresponding Member

Iulia Motoc

Iulia is a Research Associate at the University of Kent in UK, working on implementing human-like machines for face and voice recognition. read more…

She is also an active Engineering Ambassador, getting involved in events such as FIRST LEGO League and Big Bang Fairs. Iulia has been an IEEE member for 8 years and an IEEE volunteer for 6 years.

Pre-University Activities Works Committee Mission

Pre-University Activities Works Committee aims to encourage pre-university students to follow the Engineering. In order to do that PUWC has a variety of programs and contest in order to:

  • Inform pre-university student parents about the Engineering way of thinking and it’s role to society
  • Encourage the technological literacy of pre-university students
  • Support Educators in implementing lesson plans
  • Help pre-university students develop essential nont-technical skills