Professional and Educational Activities

Professional And Educational Activities Committee (PEAC)




PEAC’s mission is to coordinate educational activities programs in Region 8 including pre-university, university-level and continuing education, and to promote the public awareness of IEEE educational programs and resources for educators, engineering professionals, parents, students, IEEE volunteers and members, and the public. To serve as contact point for Region 8 Educational Activities and Professional Activities officers and members. To incurage and support local IEEE organizational units to organize professional and educational seminars and workshops in Region 8 and to train local tutors for these activities. To promote the development of non-technical skills programs in order to meet the ever-changing landscape of modern education, as well as the changing needs of engineering students and professionals.

Team 2023

Andrejs Romanovs

Ana Margarida Trigo

Conrad Attard
Past Chair

Dalius Navakauskas
Mistura Muibi-Tijani
Natalia Piaseczna

Hadi Kanaan




Committee Chair 2020-2022

Conrad Attard PhD

Dr. Conrad Attard is a Senior Lecturer and Researcher at the Department of Computer Information Systems within the Faculty of ICT at the University of Malta and current Chair of IEEE Computer Society Malta. Recently he was appointed Deputy Dean of Faculty of ICT University of Malta. He obtained his PhD at the University of Sheffield, UK, Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science Department.
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His research interests are smart technology, enterprise applications, crowdsourcing Just in Time knowledge at the workplace, designing applications for mobile devices, digital health, and persuasive technology.
His research is focused on organisations in particular on the use of Smart technology, Just in time knowledge creation and digital health solutions at the workplace. In the last five years, he managed various research projects such as reporting tools that can support caregivers of wandering patients suffering from dementia. In this research, a tool that utilizes the currently available Smart Mobile Technologies was designed focusing on the patient’s’ wandering patterns whilst identifying any possible dangers pertaining to the patient.He is the principal investigator of Pervasive Electronic Monitoring (PEM) in health care currently being carried out at the St Vincent de Paule Residence, which is a nursing home and hospital for the Elderly in collaboration with the University of Malta. His work involves the design of simulators that make use of Human Activity Recognition (HAR) that address the problem of incomplete data, collected from wearable devices. The aim of this work is to help researchers and ICT practitioners working on hospital systems to improve the designs and the requirements, providing solutions to the relevant problems.

Continuing Education Works Committee


Amith Khandakar

Amith Khandakar is working at the Electrical Engineering Department of Qatar University for the last 10 years. read more…

His specialties includes, Biomedical Sensors, Electronics, Cognitive Radio, Engineering Education. He is also a keen believer in the soft skills , which are termed currently as Essential Skills and have done various workshops, with great feedback’s, at universities in Qatar, Canada,USA, Serbia, Finland, Poland, Portugal.

Member (Past-Chair)

Stamatis Dragoumanos

Stamatis Dragoumanos is a Software Engineer and Developer with specialization on Human-Computer Interaction in Virtual and Augmented Environments with almost 15 years of experience.
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He has a deep knowledge on programming languages, 3D graphics design and development, game development and web application. He is also a Chemical Engineer and has MSc in Computational Fluid Dynamics. He has a 12 year experience on teaching programming languages, algorithms and data structures on a variety of student ages and education level. Eight years of experience out of 12 are in pre-university students as an Educator in private primary schools and public high schools. He is certified Soft Skill Trainer by Erasmus+ and certified Professional Scrum Master I by He is an inquiry based learning enthusiast and he strongly believes that soft skills development is one of the most important concepts that is missing in today’s Educational System. He has participated in the forming and first steps of 4 startups and he is awarded by the Athens Chamber of Commerce and Industry for one of them. His reasearch interests are on Human Computer Interaction, Augmented Reality, and Education. He is currently the Past-Chair of IEEE Region 8 Professional and Educational Activities Subcommittee, Member of IEEE STEM Portal opCom, member of IEEE EAB Pre-University Education Coordination Committee and Co-founder and Editor of IEEE Region 8 Today.

Continuing Education Works Committee Mission

Continuing Educational Activities Works Committee aims to support IEEE members to their professional life by providing resources and programs that help them develop both their technical and non-technical skills.
Such programs are the PEA Speakers Program and the Entrepreneurship Week, IEEE’s eLearning Library and Technical English programs and many more.

University Activities Works Committee


Nizar Rokbani

Dr. Nizar Rokbani is currently an Assist Prof. with the University of Sousse, Institute of Applied sciences and Technology of Sousse since 2011, he earned an Electrical Engineering degree from the National Engineering School of Tunis, ENIT, and a PHD in Electrical Engineering from the National Engineering School of Sfax, ENIS. read more…

He is an IEEE Senior member; served in several volunteering positions in IEEE RAS, SMC and OES Tunisia Chapters, and used to be the treasurer of Tunisia section (2015-2016) and is serving as the chair of IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Tunisia Chapter (2015-2017), received the 2016 R8 Chapter of Year Award, and 2017′ RAS Chapter of the year Award and the 2019 R8 Chapter of Year Award as well as the prestigious IEEE EAB award for pre-university education in 2019.
He is also very active in promoting open hardware for robotics with open-hardware Community since 2011, and arranged more than 100 workshops & tutorials at university level in collaborations IEEE RAS Tunisia Chapter. Dr. Rokbani is leading an experimental educational program promoting STEM education in Tunisia Primary schools, the IEEE Robotics for Equality & democracy, R4E&D, based on IEEE Try Engineering resources & the TISP program; R4E&D is powered by an IEEE Hac support form 2018-2020.
His research interests include applications of Artificial intelligence techniques such as Swarm intelligence, computational intelligence, fuzzy logic, evolutionary algorithms to robotic systems and industrial processes. He served in several National and international conferences including IEEE ICBR, AMTM, HIS, IAS, SOCPAR, ICCAD

University Activities Works Committee Mission

The objective of this committee, working under the tutelage of the Professional and Educational Activities Sub-Committee is to support Student members in their path to develop their non-technical and technical skills and to spread and encourage the creation of education-driven university activities by IEEE volunteers on Region 8, such as :

  • Online Educational University-level resources
  • Peer-aided engineering study groups
  • Student-papers publications development
  • University educational-activities news spreading
  • Entrepreneurship Week

More information, will be available soon.

Pre-University Activities Works Committee

Corresponding Member

Igor Matias

Igor Matias is a Ph.D. student in Information Systems and teaching Assistant at the Université de Genève, Switzerland, working on multimodal machine learning for ubiquitous preclinical Alzheimer’s Disease early screening. read more…

He is a member of Quality of Life Technologies Laboratory @ Centre Universitaire d’Informatique. Master of Computer Science and Engineering (B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees) by Universidade da Beira Interior (Portugal). Region 8 Professional and Educational Activities Subcommittee Corresponding Member since 2022, and Educational Activities Coordinator of the IEEE Portugal Section since 2020. Promoting a volunteering project in African countries and voluntary teaching at a local school in Guinea-Bissau since 2017. Find publications, talks, and much more at

Pre-University Activities Works Committee Mission

Pre-University Activities Works Committee aims to encourage pre-university students to follow Engineering. In order to do that PUWC has a variety of programs and contest in order to:

  • Inform pre-university student parents about the Engineering way of thinking and its role in society
  • Encourage the technological literacy of pre-university students
  • Support Educators in implementing lesson plans
  • Help pre-university students develop essential non-technical skills

Entrepreneurship Initiative.

Corresponding Member

Rawane El Jamal

Rawan is an engineer, strategy consultant, and entrepreneurship enthusiast who believes in technology and business for social impact. read more…

Rawan holds a BE in Computer Engineering from the American University of Beirut and is now pursuing a Master’s in Business Administration at the London Business School. She worked with the Boston Consulting Group for three years on strategy projects, covering various sectors such as social impact, media and advertising, large scale economic development, and education.

Rawan has been an IEEE volunteer for the past 8 years, focusing on student activities, young professionals, and entrepreneurship initiatives. She is now a member of region 8 YP and is the chair of the Entrepreneurship Ad-Hoc Sub-Committee under Membership Activities.

Other Members

Corresponding Member

Ana Margarida Trigo

Ana Margarida Trigo is a PhD student in the Advanced Engineering Systems for Industry doctoral program promoted by the University of Minho in cooperation with Bosch. . read more…

She is also an invited assistant professor at Polytechnic Institute of Cávado and Ave. IEEE member since 2010, she was Portugal’s section the Women in Engineering chair (2016-2018) and the section ExCom secretary (2018-2019). Currently, she is the Portugal section vice-chair (2020-2021).