Professional and Educational Activities

Professional And Educational Activities Committee (PEAC)




PEAC’s mission is to coordinate educational activities programs in Region 8 including pre-university, university-level and continuing education, and to promote the public awareness of IEEE educational programs and resources for educators, engineering professionals, parents, students, IEEE volunteers and members, and the public. To serve as contact point for Region 8 Educational Activities and Professional Activities officers and members. To incurage and support local IEEE organizational units to organize professional and educational seminars and workshops in Region 8 and to train local tutors for these activities. To promote the development of non-technical skills programs in order to meet the ever-changing landscape of modern education, as well as the changing needs of engineering students and professionals.

Andrejs Romanovs

Conrad Attard
(Malta) Past Chair

Ana Margarida Trigo

Filippo Sanfilippo

Dalius Navakauskas
Mistura Muibi-Tijani
Natalia Piaseczna

Hadi Kanaan

Pre-University Activities Works Committee aims to encourage pre-university students to follow Engineering. In order to do that PUWC has a variety of programs and contest in order to:

  • Inform pre-university student parents about the Engineering way of thinking and its role in society
  • Encourage the technological literacy of pre-university students
  • Support Educators in implementing lesson plans
  • Help pre-university students develop essential non-technical skills







The objective of this committee, working under the tutelage of the Professional and Educational Activities Sub-Committee is to support Student members in their path to develop their non-technical and technical skills and to spread and encourage the creation of education-driven university activities by IEEE volunteers on Region 8, such as :

  • Online Educational University-level resources
  • Peer-aided engineering study groups
  • Student-papers publications development
  • University educational-activities news spreading
  • Entrepreneurship Week




Continuing Educational Activities Works Committee aims to support IEEE members to their professional life by providing resources and programs that help them develop both their technical and non-technical skills.
Such programs are the PEA Speakers Program and the Entrepreneurship Week, IEEE’s eLearning Library and Technical English programs and many more.