PEA Speakers Program

PEA Speakers Program Description







PEA Speakers program is a platform through which distinguished and experienced professionals can share their valuable knowledge in PEAC’s fields of interest to IEEE Region 8 members and help them by providing guidance on developing useful skills for their professional life.


The program contains two tiers of Speaker profiles: Distinguished Speakers and Experienced Speakers.

Distinguished Speakers –

These speakers are international thought leaders from academia, industry, and government and will be available primarily to present face-to-face sessions if requested by IEEE Region 8 OUs. Region 8 PEAsC funds the travel of these individuals to OU events and the OU is expected to cover local costs.


Policies and Procedures


Interested speakers can be nominated, invited or can apply to be a part of the PEAsC Speakers programs.

Fields of interest

The topics/focus areas covered in the Speakers program include:

  • Personal Skills e.g. creativity, self-confidence and self-motivation;
  • Influence Skills e.g. leadership, project management and organizational;
  • Relationship Skills e.g. customer relations, networking and communications;
  • Product Skills: Quality Control, Marketing, Assessment, Innovation, Concepts etc
  • Program and Project Management Skills:
  • Writing Skills: Technical Paper/Proposal writing, Project Proposal, Reports of Projects etc
  • Oral Skills: Presentation skills, Speaking, etc
  • Employment: International Careers, Employer Requirements, Retirement programs, etc
  • Entrepreneurship: Business Models, Creating Products, Running a Company etc
  • Disruptive technology: the effect of the latest technology and its development on the business, economy and our future


Policies and Procedures


  • A PEA Speakers Program Ad hoc Committee (PEA SPC) shall be formed by the PEASC Chair.
  • The PEA SPC has the mandate to run the Speakers Program and appoint speakers.
  • The IEEE PEASC Chair is responsible for forming the PEA SPC
  • The ad hoc committee invites potential Speakers, receives open nominations and evaluates profiles.
  • Evaluation of Speaker profiles and recommendation for appointments are sent to Region 8 OpCom by PEASC chair on behalf of PEA SPC.
  • Speakers are appointed after the approval by Region 8 OpCom.
  • IEEE Sections or OUs can apply for PEA Speaker for their events.
  • Speakers are funded up to $500 for their travel per year. Exceptions are possible and will be decided on a case by case basis.
  • Speakers will be reimbursed for their expenses after the event.
  • Guidelines for claiming reimbursement follows Region 8’s guidelines as described in this document:
  • Furthermore PEASC will only reimburse
    • Transportation expenses to and from the event location
    • Visa or other papers issuing cost needed
  • All local expenses including accommodation, local travel and meals shall be covered by the local OU.
  • All speakers shall be appointed for a two-year term.

From more details on the program please check PEA speakers program manual

PEA Speakers Program Manual Download

PEA Speakers Program Manual

PEA Speakers Request Form

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Have in mind that according to PEA Speakers manual, a support letter by your OU chair is needed. To upload it you must be logged in with your google account.

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