Acceleration Contest: Call for Judges


The IEEE Region 8 Professional and Educational Sub-Committee is calling for IEEE Region 8 members, to join the judges team for the Acceleration Contest. The judges team will be responsible to review and evaluate the submitted proposals of the contest and select the winner of each area. The judges team for each educational level will consist of 3 judges. The proposals are focused on 3 educational levels: Pre-Univerisity Education, University Education and Continuing Education.


Each judge will evaluate the submitted proposals on the following areas:

    • Innovation of the idea;
    • The educational outcomes of the idea;
    • Scalability of the idea;
    • Sustainability of the idea;
    • Humanitarian aspects of the idea;
    • The number of the MGA goals the idea is aligned with;

Those who are interested to be a judge shall complete the following criteria:

  • Have previously teaching experience
  • Have previous experience in the pre-defined areas of education

If you are interested to be a member of the judges team please send us an email at [email protected] until 15 October, 2019, including your CV (showing the experience you have as described in the criteria) and the Educational Level you’re willing to evaluate.


Important: By applying for being a judge, applicants commit that they will be able to finish evaluation of proposals before the 1st of November and that they will be available for a webmeeting on the 1st of November.


Important Dates:

  • 29 October 2019 – Judges Submission Deadline
  • 31 October 2019 – Judges selection and notification by email
  • 31 October 2019 – Access to submitted proposals and beginning of evaluation
  • 10 November 2019 – Webmeeting for evaluation approval
  • 15 November 2019 – Announcement of winners

Further information about the contest, can be found at:

TISP Week 2019 – Call for Participation

In the past three years, over 2,000 teachers have been trained in 30 IEEE Sections in IEEE Region 8 and Region 10 during the TISP week. We are pleased to announce that organization of TISP Week will be continued in 2019.


It is a great pleasure to announce that Region 8, Region 9 and Region 10 are joining forces to organize a significant educational event spreading across 5 continents: Africa, Asia, Australia/Oceania, Europe, Latin America.


The Teacher In-Service Program (TISP) enables IEEE volunteers to share their technical expertise and demonstrate the application of engineering concepts to support the teaching and learning of science, mathematics, and technology disciplines. IEEE offers training workshops for its members on how to facilitate in-service programs for local teachers in order to help them with hands-on engineering lessons to their students. These lesson plans are aligned with education standards and they can easily be used in the classroom.


The TISP week is a program to facilitate the conduct teacher training workshops in multiple Sections in the Region 8, Region 9 and Region 10 within the last week of October 2019. (In order to accommodate local schedule or requirements and subject to approval by the Regional Educational Activities Coordinator, some workshops may also be held outside the TISP week dates. These workshops will still be considered as part of the TISP week program.)


This will showcase the incredible work being done by our education activities volunteers throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Australia. The objective is to train teachers to deliver Inquiry Based Science Education sessions and help the training of volunteers in the local sections. The workshops also help the local volunteers in delivering public services.


We would like to invite your Section to organize a workshop for school teachers during this TISP week.


The following rules for organizing a workshop as part of the TISP week:


  1. It is preferred to have a minimum of 30 school teachers to be trained.
  2. The event will last a minimum of half, or a maximum of two days long.
  3. As much as possible, the event dates should fall within the TISP week.
  4. Local Sections or other sponsoring units are expected to fund the organization of the event. IEEE EAB will reimburse only the lesson plan materials*. The maximum funding amount to be provided is up to USD 250 per workshop and it will be reimbursed after submission of the reimbursement form with evidence of the expenses such as copies of receipts.
  1. A member of the local organizing committee will participate in monthly TISP week organizing committee online calls.


Regional Educational Activities Coordinator  will help your local organizing committee plan an effective agenda for the workshop.


Information on the TISP resources in the website: which you are strongly  encouraged to visit.


Please let us know if you would like to participate in this meaningful event and organize a TISP workshop. To do so, please submit the application form at  by 30th of September, 2019.


We will also need an endorsement letter or email by your Section’s Chair that the Section agrees to cover balance of workshop expenses, (except the lesson plan materials*).


For further details and questions don’t hesitate to contact [email protected]




*Lesson plan materials are the materials described in the lesson plan’s pdf you will implement in the workshop plus the printouts of the pdf, student worksheet and educator feedback forms. Any other expenses such as traveling, posters, promotional materials, coffee break, lunches, gifts etc. will not be covered.

Call for PEA Speaker Nomination

IEEE Region 8 Professional and Educational Speakers Program Committee (PEA SPC) is looking for thought-leaders, innovators, distinguished and experienced professionals who are willing to share their valuable knowledge in PEASC’s fields of interest to IEEE Region 8 members and help them by providing guidance on developing useful skills for their professional life. 

The program contains two tiers of Speaker profiles: Distinguished Speakers and Experienced Speakers.

Distinguished Speakers –

These speakers are international thought leaders from academia, industry, and government and will be available primarily to present face-to-face sessions if requested by IEEE Region 8 OUs. Region 8 PEASC funds the travel of these individuals to OU events and the OU is expected to cover local costs.

Experienced Speakers –

These speakers are experienced professionals from academia, industry, and government and will be available primarily for online sessions. They can also be invited for face to face sessions. PEASC doesn’t cover any costs of these speakers.


We invite you to nominate such individuals, or yourself, in order to participate in our team of speakers.

Please read our PEA Speakers Program Manual and send us an email at [email protected] with the needed information.

The selected PEA Speakers’ term will last until the end of 2020

Acceleration Contest 2019 Call for Participation

Call for Participation

The IEEE Region 8 Professional and Education Activities Sub-committee is calling all IEEE members in Region 8 to participate and submit their ideas in this year’s Acceleration Program contest. 

The contest calls for individuals and teams to submit proposals for the following:

  • An educational program or project idea in the area of Pre-University Education;
  • An educational program or project idea in the area of University Education;
  • An educational program or project in the area of Continuing Education;


The contest aims to:

  • Provide an opportunity to IEEE Region 8 members to initiate programs in Educational Activities;
  • Showcase the innovation and drive of IEEE Region 8 members to an international audience;
  • Find creative programs which provide value to IEEE membership and the general public.


IEEE Academic, IEEE Xtreme and IEEE Day were all initiated by Region 8 members;


The program or project ideas shall be new and not from the existing pool of IEEE Educational Programs.

Individuals and teams can submit up to 02 entries separately.

Participants should consider sustainability and scalability of the proposed program.

The deadline for the idea submission is 15th October, 2019 and the results will be announced by 31st of October, 2019.



The winning entries will receive the following prizes to be used as seed funding for piloting the program:


  • An educational program or project idea in the area of Pre-University Education;
    • Winner – USD 300
  • An educational program or project idea in the area of University Education;
    • Winner – USD 300
  • An educational program or project idea in the area of Continuing Education;
    • Winner – USD 300



  • Participation can be from an individual or a team (up to 04 members);
  • Teams that where winners or runner up in previous Acceleration Contests and haven’t delivered the reports requested are not qualified to apply;
  • Individuals or teams can submit up to 02 proposals;
  • At least one IEEE member needs to be part of the team. If the entry is submitted by an individual then the individual should be an IEEE member;
  • The competition is open to all member grades;
  • The proposal shall contain the following information:
    • Summary of the idea (maximum 250 words)
    • Introduction
    • Description of the idea
    • Is the program scalable and sustainable? How?
    • How does the idea align with MGA goals    ( ) – The idea doesn’t have to align with all goals.
    • What are the educational outcomes of the program;
    • What skills will the program develop in the participants;
    • Additional information (optional)



Idea proposals will be judged in the following areas:

  • Innovation of the idea;
  • The educational outcomes of the idea;
  • Scalability of the idea;
  • Sustainability of the idea;
  • Humanitarian aspects of the idea;
  • The number of the MGA goals the idea is aligned with;



The submission shall

  • be a maximum of 04 pages;
  • be in times new roman font and 11 font size;
  • be submitted in pdf format;
  • include the full name of all team members and the Section name;
  • If the application is submitted by a Student Branch then the Name and Location of the Student Branch must be included;
  • be endorsed by the Section Chair or the Section Educational Activities Chair;


All submissions shall be submitted to [email protected] by 15 October, 2019.


Alpha Engineers Contest 2019 Call for Participation


Call for participation

Earn points with every educational event you do and get the chance to win 500$.

The IEEE R8 Professional and Educational Activities subCommittee (PEASC) invites all IEEE R8 Sections to participate in the Alpha Engineers contest by organising events aiming to promote engineering to the society. The Section that will collect the most points by November 15th 2019, will win 500$

The Alpha Engineers Competition is a new program of IEEE R8 Professional and Educational Activities that aims at organizing events in order to promote engineering to community via various means.

Is your section interest in participating?

Read the Alpha Engineers Handbook and apply using our online form. Application for participation will be open until 1st of September.

The Eligible Activities to earn contest points are:

  • TISP Workshops (during or outside the TISP week);
  • TISP 2.0 workshops;
  • Engineering talks for parents;
  • Working with children training workshops for the section ‘s volunteers;
  • Career talks for upper level pupils;
  • Online talks for schools;
  • Participating in science fairs.

All events held from 1st of July until the 15th November 2019, are eligible for the contest.
The final deadline for an event to be submitted at the contest is the 22th November 2019 (please read the contest guidelines for further details). Make sure all the required information is included in your application, as described in the guidelines manual.

Events submissions without all the required information will not be considered as valid.

Submitting an Entry

All events submitted by the section should be accompanied by various evidence, depending on the event type. Read our Alpha Engineers Handbook for more details. Some of the required documentations are:

  • Number of children, teachers, or parents present at the event;
  • Lesson plans(s);
  • Testimonies from guests;
  • Teacher’s feedback forms, etc.

Please make sure that all documents are in the language in which they were delivered, accompanied by the translation in English.

Don’t miss the chance of winning 500$

Start your educational activities planning now and get ready to start earning points!

A Ranking table that will be refreshed weekly is available in our website

The winning section will be announced on 1st December 2019.