PEAsC Programs

Professional and Educational activities have a great variety of Programs and Contests in order to serve it’s goals and mission.

PEA Speakers Program

PEA Speakers program is a platform through which distinguished and experienced professionals can share their valuable knowledge in PEAsC’s fields of interest to IEEE Region 8 members and help them by providing guidance on developing useful skills for their professional life.

The program contains two tiers of Speaker profiles: Distinguished Speakers and Experienced Speakers.


During a specific week of the year, which is called TISP Week, Sections are encouraged to organize TISP Workshops. The lesson plan materials for the workshop are reimbursed by EAB.

Acceleration Contest

Proposals on new educational programs are received, for each educational level (pre-university, university, continuing education). The proposal are evaluated by a judging committee and a Seed Funding Prize is given to the winner of each educational level.

Alpha Engineers

alphaThe program requires sections to organize activities aimed at promoting engineering to pre-university pupils, teachers, and parents.

Activities that are eligible for this project are: TISP workshops, TISP 2.0 (organizing a TISP workshop for children), career talks for pupils, talks for parents, webinars for promoting engineering in schools, training sessions for working with children for IEEE volunteers. After submitting the events they have organized and supporting evidence for the events, they will get different points depending on what activities they performed.

Entrepreneurship Week

Sections are called to organize events that promote Entrepreneurship during Global Entrepreneurship Week (NOVEMBER 18–24, 2019) where talks will be given by CEOs and start uppers, informing participants how to run a business, followed by workshops and hand on activities.

In these events Sections are encouraged to organize pitching contest and winners will have to opportunity to participate in a Regional Pitching Contest, be mentored by Action for Industry mentors and get a seed funding for their startup.
Speakers from PEA Speakers program can hold workshops in Entrepreneurship Week Events.