Student Branch Vitality

Student Branch Required Reporting

Step 1. Officer Reporting

vTools Officer Reporting is an online officer reporting tool that enables authorized volunteers to make modifications to the officer roster. The tool provides automatic validation and updates the central IEEE database. Each time a new ExCom member or Branch Counselor is selected to serve at your Student Branch, the IEEE Operations Center must be notified.


Step 2. Annual Plan Reporting

vTools Student Branch Reporting helps you keep track of your yearly activities by submitting your Student Branch Annual Plan. It also serves as a valuable historical document to aid future executives in their planning and records financial statements so it is important that the Student Branch Treasurer is involved in the preparation of the report. The due date for filing your Annual Plan is on or before 1 February annually.


Step 3. Events Reporting

vTools Events is used for creating and managing local meetings. Completing the Student Branch Activity Report should help you evaluate the success of your program and to provide some continuity for future years. Officers can create meeting announcements by entering all relevant meeting information in one central place. Each created event is accessible at the vTools Events website and the events are automatically exported to various sites, including IEEE websites, Collabratec and IEEE Event Finder Mobile App.

How to maintain your Student Branch Chapter

Keep in mind

Work closely with your Student Branch and its sub-units
  • As a Chapter Chair of your Student Branch, you will work closely with your Student Branch Chair and other leaders in your Branch and Section in carrying out activities. 
  • There may be more than one Student Branch Chapter in your Student Branch, so try to interact and work with them to expand your activities.
Your Society is your second half
  • The Student Branch Chapter is also a subset of the related Technical Society or Council (e.g., the Communications Chapter relates to the IEEE Communications Society). So, take the advantage of this.
  • That Society is a source of financial support, programs, and other information to enhance your Student Branch Chapter activities.
Establish connections with your Section
  • Keep in touch with the SB chapters in other Universities and with the SSAC and SSR in your Section.
  • Keep in touch with the chapter committee in your Section.


Things not to miss from the MGA Operations Manual

  • A Student Branch Chapter functions in a manner similar to a committee of the Student Branch.
  • The responsibility for Student Branch Chapter management rests with the Executive Committee (ExCom) of the Branch.
  • The Student Branch Chapter members shall elect a Student Branch Chapter Chair and any other officers deemed necessary for its successful operation in accordance with the Branch constitution.
  • Each Student Branch Chapter Chair shall serve as an ex-officio member of the Branch ExCom in coordinating and planning activities and programs.
Participation and Financials
  • All Student Branch members shall be advised of all meetings held under the auspices of the Branch including those organized by a Student Branch Chapter.
  • IEEE shall rebate to each such Branch, in good standing, US$2.00 per Student Branch member and an additional US$1.00 per Student Branch Chapter member based on membership count as of 31 December each year, this membership count shall include those students who joined and upgraded during the calendar year.


How to keep your SB Chapter status according to MGA

  1. Maintaining membership of not fewer than five (5) IEEE members of Student Member or Graduate Student Member grade.
  2. Holding not less than two (2) technical meetings per year.
    • These events/meetings must be reported on vTools Events.
  3. Maintaining a level of activity acceptable to the Society President, the Region Director, and the Region Student Activities Committee Chair.


Resources to support your SB Chapter

Available Tools for Student Branches

A. Request a Functional Email Alias for your SB

You can request a SB email alias that forwards to an individual using this registration form. For example, [email protected] is an example Student Branch alias that forwards to the respective Student Branch counselor.

Student Branch standard format is [email protected] or [email protected] for a Student Branch Chapter.  Include the school name, abbreviated as necessary, and the society code for chapters.  (There is a 15-character limit.)


B. Request Web Hosting for your SB website 

You can request hosting for a wordpress-based website for your Student Branch using this registration form. This service is intended to meet the needs of IEEE Organizational Units that want to develop, create and maintain their own websites on an IEEE host. The general philosophy is that posting Organizational Units will be responsible for their contents, their maintenance and their conformance to IEEE policy.


C. Send massive emails and newsletters to your SB members

vTools eNotice is an electronic newsletter subscription service that has been developed for IEEE organizational units to facilitate email distribution of newsletters, meeting notices, social events and IEEE conference materials. IEEE organizational units using this service are strongly encouraged to limit emailings to one per week. Please note that the emails are sent only to the registered IEEE members of your Student Branch.


D. Organize your elections with vTools Voting

vTools Voting enables online officer elections for sections/chapters/affinity groups. Electronic ballots give members an option to submit votes in their officer elections online.


E. Membership Validator

IEEE Membership Validator is an online utility that allows volunteers and staff to easily and securely check IEEE member status, grade, and society memberships and offer discounts available exclusively to IEEE members. Information can be looked up by either a member number or a member’s primary email address.


F. OU Analytics

IEEE OU Analytics is the visual business intelligence tool for volunteer access to member data. With this tool you can have access to the registered IEEE members list of your Student Branch.


G. Membership Development Materials

Various IEEE membership development materials are available to support your recruitment efforts. Materials include membership and program brochures, promotional posters, tabletop displays, information sheets, and limited amounts of giveaways. You can access the respective page for detailed information.

Notes: Account credentials for the ordering portal are provided to Student Branch Chairs upon request. Normally international orders require 4 weeks lead time. A minimum of 30 days is required prior to placing a new order.


* The most of the tools above are available only for the Student Branch Chairs.

Available IEEE Programs for Student Branches

IEEE Student Professional Awareness Program (SPAx)

Student Professional Awareness is a program that allows the opportunity for the Student Branch to listen to experienced engineers with different backgrounds and discuss topics about many categories. These activities can involve virtual and in person talks and presentations, panel sessions as well as hands-on team-oriented activities focused on giving practical, real-world engineering experience. Students propose projects through the following portal and are connected to their Regional SPAx Coordinator. The “x” in SPAx is a variable. It could be a conference with an invited speaker, a series of activities focused on honing career skills, a social event to foster networking and team building skills, a design contest, a tech talk, or any other format, as long as they focus on career development. This program allows funding of up to 350$.


Find Out More Speakers & Topics Funding Application Contact List Event Report Form



IEEE Virtual Speakers Bureau (VSB)

Virtual Speakers Bureau is a program to use IEEE’s network in order to provide more opportunities for students and Branches. You can find speakers and the many categories, schedule a date, and prepare your next event. Imagine being able to tap into IEEE’s vast network to bring a speaker to your branch. You can have an experienced industry professional present a topic of interest to everyone at your Student Branch. Leveraging the Virtual Speakers Bureau to engage student members can help your unit meet its annual activities and reporting requirements. Topics can be professional or technical in nature. They can also span soft skills, volunteer leadership, career tips and ways to get involved in the multitude of IEEE activities. This program is delivered by volunteers at no cost to the Branch.


Find Out More List of Virtual SpeakersRequest a Virtual Speaker



IEEE TryEngineering

TryEngineering is a portal that shows how to prepare for an engineering career, ask experts engineering-related questions, and plays interactive games. This is the place to be for all things related to Pre-University STEM programs and activities at IEEE. Have resources for Educators such as Lesson Plans, Virtual Resources and Articles.


Find Out More STEM Portal Grant



IEEE SIGHT Projects (Special Interest Group on Humanitarian Technology)

IEEE SIGHT is a global network of groups consisting of IEEE members and volunteers who identify and address local problems by applying their technical skills and partnering with their local communities. It provides some funding for organized humanitarian projects.


Find Out More Frequently Asked Questions



IEEE EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service)

Solving community challenges through the power of technology and education. EPICS helps fulfill the IEEE core purpose of fostering technological innovation and excellence for humanity. It provides funding, support, mentorship, and visibility for engineering projects in four core categories of community improvement: (a) Access and Abilities, (b) Environment, (c) Education and Outreach, and (d) Human Services.


Find Out More Project Submission Application



IEEE STEP Events (Student Transition and Elevation Program)

IEEE STEP was developed to provide a dynamic program for facilitating the transition from Student member to young professional by introducing the opportunities and benefits of IEEE membership during the onset of a STEM career. Basic funding will be provided at the amount of US$500, and additional funding may be available if additional recent graduates attend beyond 25.


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