Our Webinars

Career Path through Volunteering


When? May 7th, 2022


Who? Mohamed Amin, IEEE R8 SAC Team


What? Each team member’s volunteer journey towards regional student activities and multicultural experience. How has Volunteering paved the way in their Career? Special insight from our guest Mohamed Amin! Your volunteer engagement opportunities in IEEE R8 SAC Team 2022 working groups and new projects in 2022. 12 members around the Region 8 Sections have gathered to support and empower all Student Branches, Chapters, Affinity Groups in Region 8! Use this amazing chance to connect to IEEE R8 SAC Team 2022 and expand your volunteer career in the IEEE.



How to Write a Technical Document


When? October 25th, 2021


Who? Eszter Lukacs, Simay Akar, Vera Markovic


What? Identifying where to publish your research can be a daunting task. Should you write a conference paper, a journal article or both? What is peer review, an ORCID ID, a predatory journal, and other publication jargon? Tips for selecting an appropriate IEEE journal or conference. What do successful IEEE authors do to make their papers stand out? Why editors and reviewers reject papers? How to enhance the visibility and impact of your research with open access? Strategies for an effective literature review. “I’m stuck!” Where to find tools to smooth the publishing process? We are showing you the Key Points to Getting Published. Join us behind the Scenes on how to write a technical document with IEEE!



IEEE Day 2021 Celebration: Advancing Technical Skills to Make Difference in R8 SPC


When? October 5th, 2021


Who? Simay Akar, Vera Markovic


What? This is a historical milestone for IEEE members worldwide because it refers to the first time when engineers worldwide and IEEE members gathered to share their technical ideas in 1884.SPC is a competition that allows students to create and share their papers, involving themselves in an environment conducive to personal leadership and the development of their scientific/technical activity.



Student Mobility in a Digital World Panel


When? May 27th, 2021


Who? Joana Nápoles, Athina Papadopoulou, Miguel Ferreira, Nihad Ferhatović


What? For many students, this means that they pursue their dreams by joining their dream university, by pursuing their dream career, or even by short term scholarships or exchange programs. Because of this, we will have a panel where you can learn more about Student mobility. Learn more about their journey from the early opportunities hunting, to the applications processes, passing by different selection states until they got accepted and even after when they return back to their homelands and the life abroad.