Election results

The IEEE Tellers Committee certified the 2013 IEEE Annual Election results on 8 October 2013. The results are available here.

The IEEE Region 8 Delegate/Director-Elect is elected once every two years and the next one will be elected in the 2014 IEEE Annual Election. On 6 October 2013 at its 101st meeting in Sarajevo, the IEEE Region 8 Committee selected the slate of candidates for the 2015-2016 Region 8 Delegate/Director-Elect. The elected candidate will serve for six years (in 2015-2016 as Director-Elect, in 2017-2018 as Director and in 2019-2020 as Past Director). The candidates are:

  • Margaretha A K Eriksson (Sweden)
  • Magdalena Salazar Palma (Spain)

Additional candidates may be added to the slate by the petition of the voting members. For more information about the petition please click here.

At the same meeting, the IEEE Region 8 Committee elected the 2014 IEEE Region 8 Vice-Chairs. The elected Vice-Chairs are:

  • Member Activities: Aleksandar Szabo (Croatia)
  • Student Activities: Pablo Herrero (Germany)
  • Technical Activities: Carl James Debono (Malta)

Congratulations to all!

Marko Delimar
Chair, IEEE Region 8 N&A SubCommittee