Congratulations to Maurice Papo

[singlepic id=1279 float=left] The Annual IEEE Honors Ceremony was held in Québec City on 20th September 2008, at IEEE Sections Congress, before an audience which included IEEE members from all the 10 IEEE Regions and representatives from almost every IEEE Section.   This was the first time that the Honors Ceremony had taken place at a Sections Congress, which brought this important and spectacular event to a much wider audience than usual.

Dr. Maurice Papo, from the France Section, a former Director of Region 8 received the IEEE Haraden Pratt Award (given for outstanding service to IEEE).     Others honoured at the ceremony included Tim Berners-Lee who is credited with the initial ideas (while at CERN in Switzerland) from which the World Wide Web developed, and Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel Corporation, who received the IEEE Medal of Honour, who has become a household name among technical people for the ‘Moore’s Law’ which in 1965 defined properties of the semiconductor industry which led to its universal impact on so much of all our lives today.

The photo shows Maurice Papo and his wife, just after the presentation of the Award.