Congratulations to New Fellows!

It is one of the most enjoyable pieces of news to be spread at the beginning of the New Year. The most telling evidence behind our Region’s achievements and its high status in the Institute are our Fellow members. It is my unconcealed pleasure to congratulate all of the 63 newly elevated IEEE Region 8 Fellows, which is definitely a record-breaking number, on receiving this most acclaimed Institutes’ title (see Coming from various environments, they are its scientific leaders, missionaries and pioneers. Therefore, I would like to strongly encourage our younger members to follow those prominent examples, so as to contribute to the Institute’s strength and enhancement.

Jozef Modelski, R8 Director

Austria Section

Helmut Rott

Benelux Section

Cor Claeys

Piet Demeester

Jean-Pierre Hermand

Jose Pineda-De-Gyvez

Sabine Van Huffel

Denmark Section

Ramjee Prasad

France Section

Jean-Pierre Berenger

Claude Berrou

Lucian Dascalescu

Raymond Quere

Finland Section

Jorma Nieminen

Niilo Saranummi

Greece Section

Nicholas Hatziargyriou

Nicholas Sidiropoulos

Kuwait Section

Mohsen Guizani

Israel Section

Ron Kimmel

Germany Section

Georg Boeck

Aleksander Braginski

Manfred Depenbrock

Gerhard Fettweis

Wolfgang Heinrich

Uwe Helmke

Arne Jacob

Ludger Klinkenbusch

Rudolf Koch

Ralf Koetter

Klaus Petermann

Peter Vary

Wolfram Wellssow


Italy Section

Roberto Battiti

Pasquale Daponte

Paolo Fiorini

Andrea Lacaita

Matteo Pastorino

Dario Petri

Sebastiano Serpico

Enrico Zanoni

Qatar Section

Mohamed Alouini

Russia (Siberia) Section

Nikolai Voropai

Spain Section

Francisco Ares

Juan Martin-Sanchez

Switzerland Section

Helmut Boelcskei

Dragan Damjanovic

Jean-Pierre Hubaux

Peter Steimer

Turkey Section

Levent Gurel

Levent Sevgi

UK & RI Section

Bashir Al-Hashimi

Alessandro Astolfi

Sheng Chen

Alan Clements

Rodney Coates

Martin Dawson

Orla Feely

Nicholas Jennings

Emil Levi

Wayne Luk

Steve Young

Zi-Qiang Zhu

Ukraine Section

Konstantin Lukin

Felix Yanovsky