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Taking the opportunity of the submission deadline approaching (June 15, 2010), we would like to reveal you the last exciting news and updates of
ISABEL 2010 (the 3rd International Symposium on Applied Sciences in Biomedical and Communication Technologies), Rome, November 7-10, 2010 (please have a look at the text below).

Our list of keynote speakers has been enriched by the presence of other three prominent experts in the field of biomedical engineering and wireless communications/information theory: Dr. Paolo Bonato, Dept. of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Harvard Medical School, USA; Prof. Satoru Miyazaki, Laboratory of Information Biology, Dept. of Medical and Life Science, Japan; and Prof. Ezio Biglieri, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), USA. Read more at:

A third panel discussion, dedicated to “ICT for Development and Disaster Recovery”, has been included in the programme, so as to discuss upon the role of ICT to improve the living and societal conditions in developing countries, and its beneficial support when disasters of different nature occur.

Two new tutorial proposals have been brought forward. The first tutorial by Prof. Constantinos Papadias, Athens Information Technology (AIT), Greece, will verge upon compact antenna systems, including transmission, reception and sensing techniques, and their applications, also within the biomedical field. The second tutorial by Prof. Ayman Elezabi, EENG Dept., American University in Cairo, Egypt, will be devoted to cognitive radios in the TV band and related issues (i.e., regulatory, technical and market issues).

Two one-day workshops have been envisioned. The first workshop by Prof. Peter Jung, Lehrstuhl für KommunikationsTechnik, Universität Duisburg-Essen, Germany, is based on the outcome of the EU’s 7th Framework Programme project EUWB ( and will provide an overview of key industry application areas of UWB technology. The second workshop by Prof. Giovanni Pioggia, Interdepartmental Research Center “E. Piaggio”, Faculty of Engineering, University of Pisa, Italy, is dedicated to pervasive healthcare and, besides the technical sessions, will also include one specific demo/prototype session.

A new demo by Dr. Pierre Jallon, CEA-LETI, France, will be shown at the prototype/demo sessions of ISABEL 2010. This demo, named SDR4ALL (Software Defined Radio for All), is based on the concept of software defined radio, which consists of introducing numerical and reconfigurable treatments as close as possible to the radio antenna. Read more at:

ISABEL 2010 has a current portfolio of 28 special sessions with clear multidisciplinary topics, involving people from the fields of sciences, medicine and communications engineering. New special sessions are continuously being featured; the very last ones relate to telemedicine for space, neuroengineering, quantum communications, wearable computing and communication for e-health. Read more at:

CogART 2010 (the 3rd International Workshop on Cognitive Radios and Advanced Spectrum Management), which this year will be held in conjunction  with ISABEL 2010, features the following three special sessions: Cognitive Radio Ad-Hoc Networks, Localization for Cognitive Radios, and Spectrum Measurements and Sensing.

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