IEEE Authorship Workshops

In keeping with IEEE mission to foster technological innovation, IEEE has partnered with leading academic institutions in developing a series of free live authorship workshops offering advice on everything from how the IEEE publishing process works to basic writing tips and submitting a manuscript. The goal of this series is to enable engineers, faculty, researchers, authors, and industry professionals to help advance technology and their careers by enhancing their ability to get published and share their research with the scholarly community.

Each event in this series of live workshops is intended to be free to all technology professionals with an interest in learning how to publish with the IEEE.

Topics include:

  • Benefits of getting published
  • How to choose where to publish a paper
  • What editors look for in a submission
  • Why editors and reviewers reject papers
  • Aiding discovery with the right title, abstracts, and keywords
  • Paper structure and organization
  • Ethics and avoiding misconduct pitfalls
  • Authorship tools available from IEEE

For more information please see the flyers and visit: