IEEE Greece Joint VT & AES Chapter Dissemination Activity Report

The IEEE Joint VTS & AESS Greece Chapter supported the Summer School on “Cellular Technologies and Solutions” ( that was held during 19-25 of July 2010, at the Department of Telecommunication Systems and Networks (, Technological Education Institute of Messologgi, Nafpaktos, Greece. The Summer School was co-organized by the IEEE Greece GOLD Affinity Group. It was a very successful event, with an audience of about 50 attendees (non-IEEE members), including about 10 speakers.

The Chapter was represented by two members of the dissemination committee, Dr. Dimitrios Efstathiou (Vice-Chair) and Dr. Athanassios Iossifides (IEEE Liaison), who both served as speakers on “BTS-GPS Synchronization”, “WCDMA for UMTS” and “HSPA evolution” subjects. A special informative lecture on the Chapter activities and more generally on IEEE organization, scope and activities was given as well by Dr. Efstathiou, who received a lot of questions on the IEEE community. Pencils and notebooks with the Chapter logo were given to the attendees.

More events, in various capital cities of Greece, are being planned by the dissemination committee of the Chapter. For more information visit us online at