International blogging contest

Dear All,


With great pride, we would like to inform you about the “IEEE Day International Blogging Contest 2013”, being organized by IEEE Kerala GOLD Affinity Group. The contest is a small initiative by us towards celebrating IEEE Day 2013 and spreading awareness about its theme – Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow.

A gist of the guidelines of the contest are as given below.

Theme: Leveraging Technology for a Better Tomorrow (IEEE Day 2013 Theme). Contestants have to write a 300-500 word blog post (in English) on a presently non-existent/not-commercially-available technology which if developed, would have the maximum positive impact towards building a better tomorrow. The contest ends on 2359Hrs 19 September 2013 IST Eligibility – All active IEEE student, GSM and GOLD members around the world are eligible to participate in the contest. IEEE Kerala GOLD Execom Members forming the judging panel are prohibited from participating in the contest. The Blog Post must be in English Language. Entries would be evaluated based on quality of language, originality, appropriateness to theme, creativity, adhering to word limit and for being a good read. Regular updates of the event can be found on –

For more details on the guidelines for the contest, visit:

Awesome prizes await the winner. The world is your audience, and your competitor this time!

All the Best.

We would kindly request you to share the news about the event in your respective OU’s and support us in ensuring widespread participation for this unique initiative. Thanks in advance for your help. In case of any queries you should have, please feel free to contact the undersigned.