ISBIR Takes off to Promote IEEE to Industry!

Proposed by student volunteers from Region 8, ISBIR (IEEE Student Branches Industry Relations) Program launched its actions to make IEEE better known through industry world and promote its services and advantages. The program will cover all IEEE Regions offering many benefits to every IEEE member. With ISBIR, the opportunities served by industry will add value to the IEEE network.

ISBIR Portal is the key point where you can access almost everything about the program. All information, applications and actions are available online. The first step to enjoying the benefits of the program is filling in the application forms. Student branches, industry representatives, IEEE members can all be involved in the program by filling in these application forms. Once you submit your application, there is a variety of things you can do: uploading your CVs, publishing your job advertisements, sharing your experiences and questions on forums and many more.

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Moreover, ISBIR Support Subprograms are awaiting applicant student branches to provide them funding, publications, consultancy, speaker supports for their actions.

For further information and applications, you can visit the ISBIR Portal right now at: ISBIR Team is eager to support IEEE volunteers from all around the world! As a valued IEEE member, you can contribute to ISBIR not just by involving in it but also by sending your suggestions about this initiative. ISBIR Team always welcomes your feedback and questions.