Job Fair Athens 2013

Job Fair Athens, the largest student initiative in the area of labor market, comes for the third  year. After the great success of the previous two years, where over 60 companies have  participated and 2,000 students from polytechnic, economic and technological schools have visited it, we are organizing “Job Fair Athens 2013” on the 3rd & 4th of April at Technopolis of the city of Athens.

Job Fair Athens

The event aims to inform all visitors about the situation on the labor market and help them integrate smoothly into it. For this reason, 2 weeks before Job Fair Athens 2013 we are organizing trainings and seminars to help the visitors prepare their CV and respond successfully to a interview that they may pass.

Job Fair Athens is organized by the student organizations EESTEC LC Athens (Electrical Engineering STudent European assoCiation) and IEEE NTUA SB (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), in cooperation with more than 100 students from all over Greece, under the auspices of the National Technical University of Athens.

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