Join the IEEE in Engineering Opportunities and Innovations Geared for Addressing Humanitarian Concerns

The IEEE is pleased to announce the launch of a series of free, publicly available humanitarian technology webinars. Motivated by IEEE’s core purpose to foster technological innovation and excellence for the benefit of humanity, this powerfully engaging webinar series is focused on applying technology to solve the world’s most pressing humanitarian and development challenges. Webinars are presented by renowned individuals in the field, and highlight new technologies, business models, and social entrepreneurship initiatives that help improve the livelihoods of the underprivileged. Focusing on the four major infrastructural needs for development (water, energy, transport and communication) and a variety of application areas (health, education, agriculture and innovation), the IEEE hopes to stimulate the growth of a worldwide community that places priority on developing technology for sustainable human prosperity.

The inaugural webinar topic is “Mobile Web Technologies for the Developing World,” presented by Max Froumentin, Program Manager of the World Wide Web Foundation (see The webinar will take place on 8 December 2010 at 15:00 GMT, 10:00 EST.

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